Orienting Your New Employee

Orienting New Employees in Your Department/Office

Supervisors are responsible for orienting new employees to their position and their new department/office. Human Resources schedules new employees for attendance at "Getting Started @UNH", which is the orientation program for new hires that focuses on their core benefits, key policies and resources at UNH to assist them in their successful transition to the University.  At the conclusion of orientation, they can visit the UNH ID Office to obtain their UNH Photo ID card. They will need to be a current, active employee and bring another form of Photo ID (driver's license or passport) with them to acquire one.


  • Review IT Accounts Management and request a UNH IT Email Account for your new employee.
  • Establish appropriate telephone accounts and request departmental telecom authorization codes if appropriate.
  • Provide information/instructions so new employee can obtain UNH parking permit for their 1st day.
  • Ensure their workstation/workspace is set up and ready for their arrival.
  • Notify staff/department members of new hire and their start date.
  • Be sure someone is scheduled to be present to welcome them on their first day.



  1. Arrange to introduce your new employee to:
    • Department Head and Assistants
    • Fellow Staff Members
    • Primary campus contacts
    • Assign a buddy/mentor for your new hire for the first few weeks to show them around the department/office and campus.
  2. Identify and record emergency contact information for new employee.


  1. Review position expectations and position description.
  2. Confirm employee is registered for and attends a Coaching for Performance overview session.  HR will register them for a session date that is approximately 4 months after their start date, and for the appropriate session (Coach or Coachee) available after their attendance at the "Getting Started @UNH" orientation program. 
  3. Review employee's performance at 6 month intervals. Coaching for Performance approach, process and forms are available here.
  4. Discuss the importance of his/her job for the department/office.
  5. Discuss the effect of their position on other areas.
  6. Discuss the effect other areas have on their position.
  7. Review the lines of supervision within department.


  1. Review their work schedule and department/office hours.
  2. Review the department/office lunch and break schedules.
  3. Review how to report absences (scheduled & unscheduled). 
  4. Review process for department/office vacation requests.
  5. Review how to record time and attendance for Hourly paid employees using UKG (formerly Kronos).
  6. Review the process for submitting requests for Time Away from Work, such as Personal Time, Sick Time, etc.  This includes the process for submitting requests for Hourly paid and Salary paid employees using UKG (formerly Kronos).
  7. Review department/office procedures for attending classes during working hours.
  8. Discuss curtailed operations - explain if employee is considered "essential" or "non-essential " personnel.


  1. Review procedure for getting uniforms (if appropriate).
  2. Show location of lunch/coffee break area(s) in the building and surrounding areas.
  3. Show location of washrooms.
  4. Show location of personal storage area (if appropriate).
  5. Show location of campus mail pick-up/delivery in your building/office and explain process.


  1. Review department/office appearance expectations.
  2. Review the UNH Tobacco Policy. 
  3. Review the making of personal phone calls and share resource for UNH telephone authorization codes.
  4. Review expectations regarding personal mail/e-mail.


  1. Explain what to do in case of accidents - who to contact, who to report it to (Worker's Comp., etc.).
  2. Explain what to do in case of fire, or other emergency - what are the evacuation routes, where is the department/office meeting up to insure all are accounted for. 
  3. Explain any safety rules particular to the department/office based on environment (chemical, radiation, equipment, etc.)
  4. Have new employees register for UNH Alert system.
  5. Review computer workstation setup and contact Environmental Health & Safety's Occupational Safety Officer at 603-862-4761 to coordinate an ergonomic assessment of employees workstation (if appropriate) to assist in preventing repetitive use injuries.


  1. Arrange specific trainings regarding access to University systems and procedures as appropriate.

  2. Coordinate new employees reviewing the appropriate UKG/Kronos resources, including narrated overviews of the USNH time management system for their employee category - Adjunct, Hourly, Salary and/or Time-Approver.  Provide support for new employees in accessing and using the system.  If assistance is needed, please contact the HR Services team.


  1. Recommend new employees review  the Faculty / Staff News published weekly on Thursdays within the email delivery of UNH Today
  2. Recommend new employees subscribe to the UNH Parking Newsletter.
  3. Recommend they review the numerous Faculty/Staff resources available on-line.