Vacation & Break

Academic Year 2019-2020

Vacation housing is available (at additional cost) during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks for students living in halls open during those times. Babcock Hall (graduate student housing) and the undergraduate on-campus apartments remain open during academic breaks. Students may stay without incurring extra charges and do not need to apply for break housing. Please contact Carol Troy at the Housing Office with any questions at or 862-2409.


Hetzel hall covered in snow

Winter Break:

  • Fairchild, Congreve, Adams Tower West and the Upper Quad Halls (Devine, Hitchcock and Randall).

Thanksgiving Break:

  • Fairchild, Congreve, Adams Tower West, the Upper Quad Halls (Devine, Hitchcock and Randall), McLaughlin, Scott, and Lord.

Spring Break:

  • Congreve, Fairchild, Adams Tower West, Upper Quad Halls (Devine, Hitchcock and Randall), Scott, McLaughlin, and Lord Halls.

Applications are due to Housing no later than 4:30pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, November 13th for Thanksgiving Break -  Application closed
  • Tuesday, December 10th for Winter Break. - Application closed
  • Friday, March 6th  for Spring Break - Application closed

Requests cannot be considered after these dates.




Thanksgiving $75 No meal plan is available
Winter $200

Block plans are available for the time the dining halls are open.  Please contact the UNH ID and Dining Office at 603-862-1821 or visit


Spring No charge Please visit for information about possible dining locations available over spring break



Special Note regarding Spring Break vacation housing:

Only residents who have applied and been approved may stay in their on-campus housing assignment during spring break and the subsequent 2-week period. If you have been approved to stay, please pay close attention to your University email. This situation is rapidly changing. We are following the President’s directive and will continue to do so throughout this time. During your time on-campus there are specific policies that you must adhere to. These are to keep our community safe and well:

  • This offer is for people intending to stay at UNH beginning on March 14th. It is not available to people leaving UNH for a few days or weeks and then are planning to return. 
  • There are no visitors/guests allowed unless that person has also been approved to stay on campus.
  • You must adhere to all UNH policies, please understand these will be strictly enforced and you could lose this privilege if you violate a policy.

We have a staff duty system in place. Please see signs in your building to see who to call in an emergency.

If you have registered and been approved to stay but your plans have changed and you no longer intend to be on-campus from March 14-April 5, please alert Housing at 603.862.2120 so we can keep our files up to date.

Information about open dining facilities can be found here: