Gender Inclusive Community

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Incoming first-year students, as well as current undergraduate students, may choose to share a room with someone of any gender identity that is most comfortable and appropriate to their own identity.

First Year Students

First-year students will complete their housing application online noting their housing preferences. Roommate matching occurs randomly through our assignments system based on individuals’ answers to our values-based questions.

Roommates are paired by gender. However, there will be a section on the application asking for you to identify if you wish to be assigned with a roommate whose gender identity does not match your own, if that is most comfortable and appropriate for you based on your identity.

First-year students can request to be assigned to any residence hall on campus that they feel best meets their needs, and we encourage requesting the gender-inclusive housing community that is available in Alexander Hall, one of our first-year only buildings. This community offers a gender-inclusive restroom. However, students are free to request placement in the gender-inclusive housing community established in Devine Hall as well.

Upper Division Students

Upper division students will self-select housing for the following year through our online room selection process each spring. All residence halls are mixed gender. Rooms are single-gender - except where gender-inclusive housing has been established in the Upper Quad. This community offers a gender-inclusive restroom.