CA Story: Bianca & Maddie

Bianca and Maddie

Why did you apply to be a CA?

During undergrad, we both had the opportunity to be RA’s at our previous institutions. When we found out that we could continue our leadership experience as a Community Assistant in Babcock Hall, we were so excited to be able to continue our leadership role in the housing department. “I love being able to get to know the residents in my building through programs and community living. It’s truly a one-of a kind experience that I am lucky to have.” said Bianca M. G’21.

Both Bianca and Maddie attended institutions much different from UNH and Babcock Hall. For Maddie, being able to live in a residence hall with great diversity and a strong sense of building community was a change from her all girls floors at a predominantly white University in her undergrad studies. “Being able to learn about culture and other’s experiences in the place you live and work is such an enlightening experience that only happens in a setting like Babcock as a CA.

What organizations/groups have you been involved with here at UNH? How are you able to manage it all as a CA?

Both Bianca and Maddie are full time graduate students in the Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy departments respectively. Bianca is involved in the National Student Speech, Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA), Cru and CSO.  Maddie is involved in the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).  As CA’s also involved in extracurricular activities, it is imperative that we time manage our responsibilities by also taking time for self-care when necessary.

Were you an RA before becoming a CA? If so, how do the jobs compare?

Bianca and Maddie were both RA’s during their undergraduate tenure. Being a CA is very similar to being an RA since we are the first line of assistance for residents. One aspect of the CA role that is special is the ability to see changes happen in our community in the special population that we work with!

Has the CA experience been what you have expected?

he CA experience has truly been more than what I expected. First of all, I have 5 best friends that I get to brainstorm possible improvements that we can make in the building. I have also been able to expand my worldview by having residents from all over the world. This aspect of the position has helped me learn about new cultures that I would not have the opportunity to learn if I wasn’t in the CA role. As for Maddie, this is her second year in the CA role and she has loved it! Getting to work on a close-knit staff in a tight community made for greater ease in making friends in grad school and at UNH.

What is the most rewarding part of being a CA?

The most rewarding part of being a CA for Maddie is getting to know residents from all around the world and learning about their customs and traditions. Coming from a predominantly white undergrad school having this opportunity has been very rewarding.

What is the most challenging part of being a CA?

The most challenging part of being a CA is the time management between the job, social life, and most importantly grad school. Learning time management skills is crucial to “adulting” and having a job like the CA job is a great way to hone those skills

What advice would you give to somebody who is considering applying for the CA role?

Be your passionate self in the application process! Everyone is so kind and wants the best for everyone. Go into it with an open mind and most importantly, have FUN!