First Year Sign-up Questions

It is definitely possible! Most singles are filled by returning students, but there will be some single rooms available for first-year students who request them. If that is your preference, please explain your reason in the notes section and we will take it into consideration. We cannot guarantee being able to meet each student's top room type request, but we do our best.

We would love to try and help you! To get the ball rolling, be sure to include your desire for an LGBTQ friendly roommate in the notes section of your on-line housing application.  Additionally, you can indicate your to be paired with a roommate whose gender may not match your own, by clicking the "Yes, I'm Interested..." block on the Diversity and Gender section of the application.  When we receive information that a student would like an LGBTQ friendly roommate, we will keep track of that request and will pair folks up as best we can. The success of this initiative depends on students letting us know that this is their preference. We cannot guarantee that we can pair everyone, but we will certainly try as we learn of students who are interested in such a match. LGBTQ students and allies can visit our Gender Inclusive Housing page to learn more about housing options that afford all UNH students the option to live on campus with whomever they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity. The site also provides a current list of gender inclusive bathrooms in our residential buildings.

All requests are considered but not guaranteed. If we need more information to make a decision, we will call you at your home. If you want to be contacted elsewhere, be sure to include an alternative phone number or email address.

Alexander, Christensen, Lord, and Williamson are exclusively for first-year students.  All other halls except Mills Hall and Adams Tower West (which are upper-class only) are at least 25 percent occupied by first-year students so no matter where you live, you’ll find other new students experiencing similar first-year transition issues.

We are committed to working with students who are experiencing uncomfortable living situations, and will help you as best we can. We encourage you to seek out your Hall Director who is a live-in professional staff member in your building. Hall Directors work for the Residential Life office and can offer each student guidance, support, and the opportunity for mediation if a roommate conflict exists. As spaces become available during the semester, students will have the opportunity to consider reassignment if they are not happy in their current placement.

Assignments are typically available in early July. UNH Housing will reach out to each student directly via an email to your UNH email address. The email will provide you information about your assignment, room type, and contact information for your roommate(s).

Rooms are assigned by an automated assignment process, which places all first-year students who have submitted their application by the deadline. The process incorporates your individual preferences, but with thousands of students all promised a space on campus, we can’t always give everyone their top choices.