RHD Application

We anticipate having openings for the 2020-21 academic year. We will be recruiting at TPE 2020.

We will be posting our positions on UNH Human Resources site very soon. We will be primarily interviewing candidates at the national conference below:

The Placement Exchange 
Austin, TX

March 25-28, 2020

We intend to schedule first-round Zoom interviews prior to the conference, so most interviews at the conference will be considered a second interview. Please apply by sending your resume, cover letter and references to belle.kenoyer@unh.edu early enough for Zoom interviews to be completed prior to the conference.

On-Campus Interview Process

When we say to dress casually, we mean it! Basically, we want you to be comfortable, and we want to get to know who you really are, so if you feel like dressing up, fine... if not, that's fine too. You'll find that most of your interviewers will be dressed casually. And one last thing: UNH is a walking campus, so make sure you have comfortable shoes.