Returners' Sign-Up for 2020-2021

Curious About Housing Sign-Ups for 2020-2021?

Returning students have two different processes to pick housing for next year, and two different ways to change housing at mid-year this year!  

We haven't pinned the exact dates down yet, but in a nutshell here's how the processes will shape up for students who want to stay in on-campus housing for next year (and we certainly hope that's everyone, right?).

Call Dibs for an Apartment Space for 2020-2021

On October 9, 2019 (for an exclusive period of one month), current on-campus apartment residents (Gables and Woodside) pick their spaces for next Fall.

Then beginning November 13, 2019, residence hall students who would like to move to the on-campus apartments (Gables and Woodside) participate in an on-line selection process to choose an apartment for groups of them and their friends.  We call this the Call Dibs Process.

Then we all breathe for about one minute!

Mid-Year Process for a Change of Space at Mid-Year – for Spring 2020 semester

In late November/early December, residence hall students who would like to switch rooms in their same residence hall for the next semester participate in a "In-Hall Room Selection Process."  

Then right after the In-Hall Process, we hold a "Between Hall Process" for residence hall students who would like to move to a different residence hall when they return after winter break.  These processes are called the Mid-Year Housing Sign-Ups.

Then it's Winter Break and we all have visions of Sugar Plums, etc...

On-Campus Residence Hall Room Selection Process for 2020-2021

When students return in January, Housing kicks into high gear with preparations for the 2020-2021 Residence Hall Sign up Process.  This is an on-line process.  It consists of basically three steps:

1.  In February, students complete a housing re-application, letting us know they are returning to campus for the Fall 2020 year.

2.  In February and March, students form a housing group with their intended roommates, or a group of one if they would like a single.

3.  Then on the dates we have established (usually in March before Spring break), students go online and choose their space for 2020-2021.

Obviously this is a highly simplified version of what takes place.  There is a whole bunch of social media, advertising, email communications, marketing, Hall Director announcements, information, web updates, etc., that go out to students and parents regarding all of our processes.   We make all of our processes very transparent and easily understandable.  Our goal is to have our students know and participate fully in whatever process is applicable to them

More detailed information including dates will be posted here in the coming weeks.