Returners' Sign-Up for 2020-2021

  • Complete Your Housing Application
  • Form Your Housing Group
  • Select Your Space during the Appropriate Housing Process
  • Want a Random Roommate - choose during this process

2020-2021 Residence Hall Housing Sign-Up Process

  • JANUARY 31 - FEB 20 - Housing Application opens 8:00am, Jan 31 and closes February 20 at 4:30pm.  
    • You must complete a Housing Application and form a Housing group in order to select a space during the onine In- and Between-Hall processes.

  • FEBRUARY 25 – In-Hall Sign-Up Process. 10:00am – 6:00pm  ALL ROOMS IN-HALL (Not available to residents of Alexander, Christensen, Lord, & Williamson) ONLINE
    • To view sign-up time (timeslot) for Feb 25 log back into the housing application on Feb 20.

    • To view your sign-up time (timeslot) for March 11, log back in to your housing application on Feb 26.

    • To view your sign-up time (timeslot) for March 12, log back into to your housing application on the night of March  11.

  • MARCH 13 - 23 –Random Roommate Selection Process.  Any student who has not yet chosen a space on Feb 25 or March 11 & 12, can log back in beginning at 10am on March 13 and can select a space from available rooms across campus. This process is first-come first-served and is open until 8am on March 23.


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Other Sign-Ups for 2020-2021

The On-Campus Housing Request form for Fall 2020 will open in early March.  Be sure to submit a request to get a space on-campus in the Fall.  Check out the On-Campus Housing web page for all the information.

We are still accepting applications for the apartment waitlist.  If you are interested, visit the Call Dibs website and send us an email.

Have a group of friends (6-12), want to live nexxt to each other (on the same hallway), AND want a guarantee of those spaces?  Block Housing may be just the ticket!  Check out this really cool housing options at the Block Housing web page.  Block Housing Applications are due Monday, Feb 17.


January 31- February 20 – online housing application is open. You must reapply in order to be eligible to participate in room selection.
February 25 – In-Hall room selection day. Groups/individuals select a room in their current hall on this day.
March 11 – Between-hall room selection day. Groups/individuals select a room in a different hall on this day. This day focuses on suites, quads, and triples.
March 12 – Between-hall room selection day – focuses on any leftover suites but now will include doubles and singles.
March 13 - March 22 - "Random Roommate" process. You may partially fill an available room.
Answer: On February 21, you can log back in to the application and view your sign-up time for the In-Hall process. Sign up times are issued based on current credits. The more credits you have, the earlier your sign up time. The group sign-up time is based on the group captain's sign-up time. If someone in your group has a better sign-up time, you can reassign the group leadership role to them. They will then takeover responsibilities for leading the group and selecting the space for the group.NOTE: If your group does not participate in the in-hall room selection on Feb 25, the group will be issued a new sign-up time for the between-hall process. Log back in after Feb 25 to see the new sign-up time.
Answer: Once you commit to housing (by selecting a space for Fall 2020 in the housing application), you are bound to the terms of the Room and Board Agreement. You can, of course terminate your housing application before you select a space.  Just remember, you are subject to the terms of the cancellation charge schedule if you cancel your housing once selected. We think it's important you know this. That's why we highlight the information clearly before you commit.
Answer: Remember that you can pick a space anytime during your sign-up time, from whenever your sign-up time slot opens until whenever the sign-up period ends on that day. Or if you are unavailable during the the entry period, perhaps you could transfer the group leadership to another one of your group members who would be available during early in the sign-up period. Of course, the earlier in the sign-up period you are able to select a space, the more choices you will have, but don't panic, there are always enough spaces to choose from during the on-line sign-up.
A: No, doesn't work that way. Sign-up times are randomly generated and randomly assigned based on the amount of credits earned. On Feb 20, In-Hall sign-up times will be available. If you will be participating in the In-Hall room selection process, you can login on Feb 20 and view your sign-up time. Sign-up times for the Between Hall Process will be available after Feb 25.
A: Simply put, no. Room selection works very similarly to the concept of your class selection process. At your specific sign-up time, you login online to the housing application and you get to choose from whatever room spaces are available at that time. Since sign-up times are based on the amount of credits earned, it makes sense that persons with higher credits will select their room spaces first. So that means that highly desirable halls such as Mills, Handler and Peterson fill quickly.  It's clear that the chances of a first year group of students getting a space in Mills Hall (without being pulled in by current residents) is fairly slim, although it can happen! We often suggest the best way to get a space in Mills Hall is to be pulled in by current residents who are looking to fill their suites. Another important tip is to have multiple backup plans. If you don't get the space you really want, what's your backup? It's so important to think in advance so you aren't scurrying and trying to slap a plan together at the last minute...too much stress, not enough smiles.
A: You can come by our office (10 Academic Way, across from McConnel Hall, behind the bus stop), beginning on March 13 at 8:00am to complete a "Wish List" form. We work with students on the "wish lists" over the remainder of the semester and throughout the summer to get them into more desired spaces.
A: Sign up times are directly related to the amount of credits you have earned as of the end of January. A student with more credits will have a better sign up time. Students with the same number of credits are then randomized for times. To optimize your group's sign-up time, please ensure the Group Captainship is assigned to the person with the "best" sign-up time.
A: Yes. You make a group, and you’ll be a group of one.
A: It depends. The transfer student must be 100% accepted and committed through the Admissions Office in order to be eligible to participate. If they're not sure, have the transfer student call Admissions. If the student being "pulled in" is active, they should have no trouble re-applying and joining the group. If they run into trouble, have them call Housing so we can help troubleshoot. These students CANNOT participate as a "group of one" and select a single room. They can only be pulled into a group.
A: Students seeking other students to live with next year should use social media resources (Facebook, Instagram, etc) to find potential roommates. Any student who does not have roommate(s) in mind to live with may participate in the "Random Roommate" process from March 13 - March 23 and partially fill an available room.
A: The group captain can disband the group, or transfer captainship, by revisiting that step of the housing application. An individual can remove themselves from the group also by revisiting that step of the application. A new group can then be made to suit everybody's needs. The group captain must "verify" the group once it's set - that's an important step prior to being able to participate in room selection. NOTE: ANY time a change is made to the group, the captain must re-verify.
A: No deposit is required in order to select a space. Instead, you'll be agreeing to a cancellation fee on your application. When you select a space, you are committing to live in on-campus housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.  If you cancel your assignment and choose not to live on-campus, you will be subject to the cancellation charge fee in the Room and Board Agreement.  You can see the fee schedule at the bottom of this webpage.
A: Nope, sorry. If you select a room in-hall, you will no longer have a sign-up time for the between-hall process. If you make a mistake and select at in-hall, you'll have to call Housing and we can reset you/your group.
A: If you think for any reason that you may need to stay on-campus during the Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Breaks next year, choose a room in a building that remains open: * Adams Tower West, Congreve, Fairchild, Hubbard, Devine, Hitchcock, and Randall remain open over Thanksgiving, winter and spring break (additional fees apply). * Scott Hall, Sawyer Hall, and McLaughlin Hall remain open during Thanksgiving and spring breaks only (additional fees apply).

Tips and Technique

It is always a good idea to make a list of spaces you’d would like in different halls – that way at your selection time, you’ll have back-up plans if some of your first options are no longer available. It's best to prepared and have plenty of options! 

How to Optimize Your Timeslot?  Make the group leader the person with the best pick time!  Since the group leader is the person who will “drive” the group, they should be the person with the best timeslot/RAC time.  

But here are some of the things we know, that we think you should should know:

  • Congreve Hall typically fills quickly with seniors and juniors during the In-Hall and Between Hall process.
  • Popular halls that you like, are probably the popular halls that a lot of other students like as well (think Congreve, Handler, Peterson, Mills); demand will be high and those halls’ open spaces will go quickly.  Be realistic, chances are first year students aren’t going to get a double in Congreve or Handler or a four-person suite in Mills.
  • Most of the time, the large suites in Mills Hall are taken during their In-Hall process.  Same goes for Handler Hall’s large suites.
  • The one sure way to get into Mills Hall as a rising first-year student, is to be pulled in by a student who already lives there.
  • Most of the suites that are available after the In-Hall process in Handler, Haaland, Peterson and Mills are 5 person suites (1 double room/1 built-up triple room sharing a bathroom).  Plan accordingly.
  • Groups must fill both sides of a 4/5 person suite!
  • If you are looking for people to fill a group, try the Class of 20XX on Facebook.

Understanding Your Sign-Up Time

Students wonder how to interpret their timeslot.

  • The EARLIER you are able to select a space, the MORE CHOICES of available spaces you’ll have. 
  • A student with more credits will have a better sign up time.
  • Students with the same number of credits are randomized for times within their time slots.
  • For example:  Seniors (most credits) get assigned best time slots, followed by Juniors, Sophomores, and then Freshmen.