Xfinity Streaming TV Service

UNH Housing, in partnership with Comcast, offers the Xfinity On Campus television service to UNH residential students.  In addition to cable television in residence halls and on-campus apartments, residents have access to the Xfinity On Campus streaming service and can view live, high definition television from their laptops, tablets, and smart phones using an easy-to-navigate application and guide while connected anywhere on the campus wi-fi network.  The Xfinity On Campus streaming service has no additional costs for UNH Housing residents.
This service also includes Xfininty on Demand and offers students in on-campus housing the ability to optionally purchase subscriptions to premium content like, Starz, Encore, and the Sports and Entertainment Tier, which includes networks such as NFL RedZone.

TV Lineup

  • QAM-capable digital tuner television
  • coax cable 

The majority of flat screen televisions manufactured after 2008 come equipped with a QAM digital tuner. However, many less expensive televisions do not have built in QAM tuners. Check the specifications section of your user manual before bringing your older TV to campus, and verify that a television has a built in QAM tuner before purchasing it. Housing does not provide converter boxes for televisions without QAM tuners. 

Some televisions currently for sale without QAM tuners include but are not limited to the Sceptre X322BV-MQC, Seiki SE32HY, Element ELEFT326, Westinghouse WD32HT1360, and RCA models LED24G45RQ, LED32G30RQ, LED32G45RQ, LED32C45RQD, and LED42C45RQ. These and other TV sets will not be able to tune the QAM digital signals used on campus.

If your TV does not have a QAM tuner please do not bring it to campus.

While the steps or terminology may be different for your brand of TV, the following is a general guide (please refer to your TV owner's manual for instructions specific to your model).


  1. Directly connect your QAM capable TV to the cable wall outlet using a standard 75 ohm television cable.  Please make sure the cable is connected firmly and is not loose.
  2. Press the "Menu" button on your TV remote control
  3. Go to "Setup" or "Settings"
  4. Go to "Installation" or "System" or "Channels"
  5. Look for a menu item that lets you choose your television's input source; you should use "Cable" (or "CATV," "STD,"  or "HDTV")
  6. Go to "Scan channels," "Program Channels," "Auto-scan," "Auto-program," or "Auto-tuning"
  7. Press "Select" or "Enter" or "OK" to start the scan

Typically, you will need to press the right arrow button or "Select," "Enter," or "OK" to choose an option.  The up/down and left/right arrow buttons or the up/down channel and volume button should move you through the menu choices. 

Once you start, don't press any buttons until the screen says the scan is complete. This process may take a few minutes.

UNH Housing residents have access to live and on demand content through Xfinity on Campus when connected to the UNH network. Residents can use Xfinity on Campus on their mobile devices by downloading the Xfinity TV app. They can also access Xfinity on Campus on their computers by following these instructions:

  1. Visit Xfinity on Campus and select sign in as a student.
  2. Select University of New Hampshire
  3. Enter your UNH credentials, select Login, and start watching.

Catvision is Now: UNHTV!

The University of New Hampshire has expanded and unified its digital signage services. Now with more screens across campus, your flyers and videos can reach larger audiences too!

Submit your content now at: Look at the "Create-An-Ad" and "Guidelines" pages to see how to make great engaging flyers and videos and then follow the easy steps under the "Ad Submission" page.

Questions? E-mail 

Cable TV Questions

If you have gone through the steps in this FAQ, and you are still having problems, fill out a Repair Request (building numbers can be found under Maintenance & Damage Billing), or contact the Catvision Office at 862-2253, or send us an e-mail at

Yes, the UNH Catvision cable system is completely digital. Make sure your TV has a QAM tuner or it will not work!

Check with your floormates to verify that there is not a larger outage, but rather a problem with your cable TV jack, coaxial cable, or television. If the problem is common among all of your floor mates, call (603) 862-2253 to report the problem.
If your floormates are not having problems:

  • Make sure all of the cables are properly and securely attached.
  • Verify that your TV has a built in QAM tuner, and that your TV has been auto-programmed to receive digital signals.  

If all else fails, then try using a different cable. If you still have no service, then call (603) 862-2253, and we will set up an appointment to diagnose and remedy the problem.


student doing laundry

All of our on-campus apartment complexes and residence halls have laundry facilities. Each is equipped with both 18-pound front-load, stacked dryers and 18- pound front-load washers. Additionally, Stoke Hall also has five front-load 30-pound dryers. 

You don’t need quarters! You can use your Cat’s Cache which is connected to your UNH ID card. You’ll need to add money to your Cat's Cache account to use your ID card for laundry.

Cat's Cache

Using the LaundryView monitoring system, you can check the availability of washers and dryers in laundry rooms across campus using either the LaundryView webpage or the UNH Mobile App.

Find a Washer/Dryer

Regular Pricing Rates/Hours 

(Noon - Midnight in res halls & apartments)

  • Washers - $1.70 per cycle
  • Stacked dryers -$0.55 cents (35 minutes)
  • Large capacity dryers -$0.65 cents (35 minutes)

Value Pricing Rates/Hours (15% less) 

(Midnight - Noon in res halls & apartments)

  • Washers - $1.45 per cycle
  • Stacked dryers - $0.47 (35 minutes)
  • Large capacity dryers - $0.55 (35 minutes)

Note: Different residence halls have different laundry machines. Pricing is relative to the laundry equipment in use. Some of the rates listed above may not be available in each laundry room.

How to Use a Washer

  1. Load clothes. (Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets and insure that undergarments with metal underwire are placed in a washable mesh bag to prevent damage to your clothes)
  2. Add detergent, bleach and fabric softener - **ONLY ADD ¼ CUP OF DETERGENT** to avoid over sudsing! HE detergent is preferred. Please do not use washer detergent sheets as they damage the machines and can possibly damage your clothes.  Detergent pods can be used, but do not put them in the detergent dispenser; place them in the washer drum with the clothes.
  3. Select which machine you will be using at the Cat’s Cache card reader - swipe your Cat’s Cache Card (Student ID card)
  4. At the washer machine, select wash water temperature
  5. Press Start

How To Use A Dryer

Before loading your clothes you must clean the lint screen otherwise air cannot circulate effectively through the clothes and efficiently dry them. This could cause you to use multiple drying cycles and cost you much more to dry your clothes!

  1. Load only 18lbs of clothes. Be sure to remove all items from clothing pockets.  The dryer should be approximately ½ full.
  2. Select which machine you will be using at the Cat’s Cache card reader-swipe your Cat’s Cache Card (Student ID card)
  3. At the dryer machine select the desired heat temperature
  4. Press Start

*If you need to purchase more drying time. At the Card Reader Display Screen, select your machine number and then select the “Add Time Option” in the lower left corner of the display screen and swipe your card again.

*Please report any laundry questions or concerns by emailing to or call the Department of Housing Laundry Office at (603) 862-2082.


The Housing Key Service is located in the Housing Office at 10 Academic Way.  We offer assistance with lockouts, key loans, and re-coring your door lock in the event of a lost key.  These services will be provided by Housing each business day (Monday-Friday) from 8:00am - 5:00pm.  

These are our COVID enhanced protocols to assist you with your key service needs:

In an effort to minimize foot traffic in and out of the housing office and to minimize passing keys back and forth, the Housing Key Service will do let ins for all students locked out. Students will not be charged for let ins.

If you are locked out of your room but your key is inside the room, please call the Housing Office during business hours and a housing staff member will come your residence hall and let you into your room. Please wait near the door for the housing staff member and ensure you are wearing a face covering.

Key Loans

If you need loaner key from the office for an extended period of time, please call the Housing Office (603) 862-2120.  A housing staff member can deliver the key to you.  Our Housing staff will check the key out under your name and bring it to you. You are also welcome to stop by the Housing Office to pick-up the key, however, delivering a key will minimize traffic into the office and create a safer work environment for our staff.


Should you lose your room key and need a re-core,  you should come to the Housing Office to sign out a loaner key and complete the re-core form with the Housing Key Service staff.  The recore process can also be completed by a phone call to our office (603) 862-2120.  One of our Housing Key Service staff can deliver the loaner key to the you.

Please have your ID ready so that we can deliver the key to the correct individual.

 When the new recored keys are delivered to the office, Housing staff will notify the students involved.  Each student affected by the recore must come to the office to pick up their new keys. 

Housing Staff Requirements 

In order to ensure a COVID safe environment when a housing staff member is entering a residence hall to perform a let-in, the housing staff member will:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing of at least 6 ft.

Call (603) 862-1427. You must wait by your room and provide some form of ID. If you left your ID in your room it can be shown once your door is unlocked.

The University Police (603-862-1427) will come and attempt to unlock your vehicle if it is your vehicle and you sign a waiver eliminating the University Police Department from liability for any damage done to your vehicle. You must wait by the vehicle.

If you lose your key, please notify the Housing Key Service so we can make the request to change the lock.  The $75 re-core cost will be charged to your student account.  For students in buildings with combos, we strongly encourage you not to share your room combination with anyone.  Resetting the combination to a room will result in a $25 charge to your student account.