Early Arrival

Some students with extenuating circumstances may request to arrive early. We offer some flexibility for early arrival while maintaining a balance between the needs of our students and the need to ensure our living environments are properly staffed and our residential spaces are adequately cleaned and prepared.

Individual* returning students who have extreme, extenuating circumstances and need to check into their fall assignment prior to Sunday, August 26, 2018 may request early arrival or storage-only for the following dates:


  • Tuesday, Aug 21 (8-10 a.m.), storage only of personal property ($50 fee)
  • Friday, Aug 24 (2-4 p.m.), storage only of personal property ($25 fee)
  • Friday, Aug 24 (2-4 p.m.), early arrival/check-in ($100 fee)



 *Students who are a part of a UNH-sponsored group arriving early DO NOT follow the instructions below. The Housing Office will be notified about groups of students arriving early by that group's coordinator.


1. Complete the early arrival request form.

2. You must have compelling, extenuating circumstances to arrive early in order for the request to be considered/approved.

The following reasons will NOT be approved:

  • “My parents are out of town that weekend and are unable to help me move-in.”
  • "We live more than five hours away and we can't drive and return from UNH in one day"
  • "My summer lease is ending and I have to move out of the apartment I live in."
  • “We have made vacation plans for that weekend.”
  • “We can only get the vehicle for that day.”
  • “It would be much more convenient to move in earlier.”
  •  “My parents have to work that day.”
  • “We just want to move my things into the room. I will not be staying.”

3. Students must read and agree with the policies and fees.

4. Submit the request. (Requests submitted before Friday, Aug. 17 will be processed promptly and notification of the approval or disapproval will made promptly via return e-mail or by Monday, Aug 20 at the latest.)

Please Note:

Not all requests to arrive early will be approved. Only those requests that have compelling, extenuating circumstances will be approved.

If you have specific questions or concerns about the individual early arrival process, please contact Christina Rowland at 603.862.3469 or email her.