Tyler Rock

Hall Director


Undergraduate Degree:
B.A. in Psychology from Binghamton University

Master's Degree:
M.S.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies from Hofstra University 



Why did you choose to become a Hall Director?
I love working with students and seeing them develop holistically over time. I believe being a Hall Director plays a huge role in this. As a resident on-campus during my undergraduate career, my Resident Assistant was a true mentor and friend for me, while always challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. This positive experience is part of the reason I chose to become a Resident Assistant, where I truly saw the value and support ResLife has to offer students. Now, as a Hall Director, I want to create an environment for students where they feel at home, learn outside the classroom, and feel comfortable with who they are.


Why did you choose to work for Res Life at the University of New Hampshire?
From the second I began my interview process with ResLife at UNH, I immediately saw how much they value a student-centered approach. There was an energy and genuineness about how important the students are to them and I was excited to hear the amount of student contact Hall Directors have! The staff put such an emphasis on being your authentic self, which is something I value deeply. After stepping foot on campus, I was able to see how close everyone is and I instantly felt at home. 


What advice would you give to students?
Never stop being the best you, you can be. Don't be afraid to try new things and explore who you are. This is your college experience and you're in the driver's seat. I can't wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish!