Hall Director


Undergraduate degree:
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Connecticut College

Master’s degree:
Master’s Degree in Higher Education Student Affairs from the University of Vermont



Why did you choose to become a hall director? 
I choose to become a hall director because I found myself and understood my identities within residential communities. I had a sense of belonging when connected with those who held salient identities like my own. In those communities, I found support, I felt grounded and was able to be my authentic self. All of these ways of becoming are reasons why I want to do this work and want to be there for others as they venture into and out of this college experience(s). 


Why did you choose to work in Res Life at UNH?
I first found out about UNH through a hockey game hosted at The University of Vermont. Game 1 was where UNH dominated and from then on I began my intense research. If not known, I have a liking to the sports realm and wanted to be at an institution that embodied the athletic and community spirit around sports. Another reason was the various similarities to my alma maters which included being near the water, similar layouts, in small towns, and for one alma mater, the Cat connection. I also have family nearby with whom I am excited to continue to develop deeper relationships and memories throughout my time at UNH. One thing I do want all to know is that Res Life is my love. Despite the ups and downs, Res Life has been a part of my backbone and has contributed so much to my development on both personal and professional levels. The Res Life staff were so accommodating and authentic, to the point where I felt at home and comfortable. The honesty around events that have come up and how they went about handling those incidents showed me that they are willing to take risks and better the community for all.


What advice would you give to students? 
Don’t change yourself for anyone. Being your authentic self is hard in these environments as there are further understandings of identity and how you are viewed and your purpose in life, but that does not mean you have to change yourself in order to fit in. Your community is here. It may take time, but do not sacrifice yourself to enjoy your time here. You may regret it in the future. Take the time to know who you are and embrace flaws and all.