Madison Maynard

Hall Director


Undergraduate Degree:
Bachelor's degree in Business from the University of Rhode Island 

Graduate Degree:
Master's degree in Higher Education Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut 



Why did you choose to become a hall director? 
After graduate school, I was interested in pursuing a career that was more student-focused where I could interact with students on a 1:1 basis. I was also seeking some on-call experience and a hall director seemed like a perfect fit to accomplish both! 


Why did you choose to work at Res Life at UNH? 
I wanted to work for a university and a department that centered students at the core of their work. Immediately after stepping onto UNH's campus and meeting folks in the Residential Life department, I could sense that UNH Res Life staff did just that! Everyone was so welcoming, transparent, and willing to answer any of my questions before, during, and after the interview! 


What advice would you give to students? 
Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new things- you never know who you'll meet or what experiences and opportunities you'll have!  And don't be afraid to seek resources if you are feeling overwhelmed or just need support!