Dee Dube

Dee Dube
Hall Director
Office: Residential Life, Hitchcock Hall 13A, Durham, NH 03824


  • B.A., English Language and Literature, Southern New Hampshire University
  • M.Ed.,Higher Education, Merrimack College 

About Me

they/them/theirs or she/her/hers 

Why did you choose to become a hall director?
I chose to become a hall director because I value self-development and community. Hall directors have the beautiful ability to bring students together under a common experience, which can lead to lifelong friendships, transformational moments, and that important feeling of connection to campus. I want to directly foster those friendships, moments, and feelings, and being a hall director lets me interact with our amazing students and watch them develop from caterpillars into butterflies (or moths--you do you) right in front of my eyes. Being a hall director also allows me to work hand-in-hand with a team of active, committed student leaders to engage our community in supportive and challenging conversations and activities, which is a dream come true. Overall, I chose to become a hall director because I believe I can live up to the incredible standards set for me by my college mentors to do great work and make the world a better place one relationship at a time.

Why did you choose to work at Res Life at UNH?
I grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, and every time I have visited UNH, I have felt warmly welcomed and like I am a part of something bigger than myself. Getting the chance to join one of the teams of people who work so hard to convey that welcoming spirit is incredibly exciting and gratifying for me. Working with Res Life at UNH is particularly meaningful to me because of our commitment to and pride in our important, impactful work.

What advice would you give to students?
Make truly believing in yourself a daily practice. Tackle the hurdles you trap yourself behind a little bit each day, and listen to people when they tell you how brightly you shine. Don’t shame yourself for needing community support. It’s time to stop belittling yourself and holding yourself back. You have everything you need inside of you.