Colleen Sullivan

Colleen Sullivan Headshot
Assistant Director



  • Supervision of six Hall Directors
  • Co-coordinate Hall Director Professional Development
  • Coordinate technology issues with the department,
  • Member of Campus Orientation Committee.
  • Main Liaison with the Department of Housing.


The Facts
I went to Penn State University , where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and a M.Ed in Counselor Education/ Student Personnel. I use pronouns She/Her/Hers.

I came to UNH in 1986 as a Hall Director, and I became an Assistant Director here in July 1990. I can trace my commitment to Residential Life back to Spring in 1981. I was a Freshman in college, commuting to a branch campus of Penn State. One of my older sisters asked if I would come up to the main campus and live in an apartment with her and some of her friends. I wanted to but said I really wanted to experience "dorm life" - to me that was the true college experience. So I moved to main campus for the summer, lived in a hall for 2 months, moved into an apartment with my sister - moved out 6 months later to become an RA. I have been part of Residential Life ever since!! I moved to New Hampshire because I like the location and I have stayed for over 29 years because of the people and the department. Of course, I still love the location!


Why I love working here 
I love working here because we are serious about what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are a place that loves to joke, play and cares a great deal about our staff. But we have extremely high standards and we work really hard.

I love that our work is always changing - from week to week, month to month, semester to semester. I always wonder how people do jobs that are the same every day - how can they do that??

I keep reminding myself how powerful my RA experience was in shaping my personality (and my life) and try to remember that when planning things for our student staff. I was recently at an RA staff meeting and loved hearing stories of helping residents and connecting with other RAs.

I feel so lucky to live about a mile from campus! My husband, Michael, also works at UNH. Our daughter is 20 years old and is heading off to study abroad in the fall!  Yikes! I love watching her journey through higher education.   I am a huge fan of John Oliver and Aaron Sorkin- I am still mourning the loss of The West Wing - although the new podcast West Wing Weekly is filling that gap a bit. 

I think back to that decision in 1981 - to experience residential living before moving into an apartment, and I wonder what my life would be if I hadn't done it. I'm so glad I did.