Christina Terry

Hall Director


Undergraduate Degree:
A.A. Liberal Arts: Foreign Language Concentration
Camden County College

B.A. Spanish and B.A. Subject Matter Education (also known as secondary education) and B.A Modern Languages & Linguistics
Rowan University

Master's Degree: 
M.S.Ed Higher Education
University of Pennsylvania



Why did you choose to become a hall director?
When I was at Rowan University, I took a leap of faith and became an orientation leader. It was there that I fell in love with university life and wanted to try working with folks in a residential setting a try. In my graduate studies, I found that I loved working in a hall with folks. It took the best parts of only getting to work with students and their loved ones and made it even better because I got to see students grow day by day. I love watching people start to begin to recognize who they are and what they want, even if it takes a while! It is so inspiring to see people pursuing their dreams every day and that can only come from being on the ground in a residence hall. 


Why did you choose to work at Res Life at UNH?
Despite the cold, folks from students to staff are so warm! I have always felt welcomed from day one by the entire Residence Life team and that is something that made me know that UNH was the spot to be.

What advice would you give to students?
Two pieces of advice:

1. Ask Questions!
You may be able to solve your problem or find a new opportunity just by asking a question! We are all here for student growth and support and we would love to answer your questions.

2. Check. Your. Email. 
No, seriously. Check it. Often, the only way that University Offices can communicate with you is by email and the coolest opportunity may just be waiting for you in your inbox. Make a plan to check your inbox at least every two days or put your UNH email on your phone so you remember to look at it.