Cameron Russell

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Hall Director
Phone: 603-862-1112


B.A., Sociology & Psychology, Fairmont State University

About Me

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Why did you choose to become a hall director?

College is a monumental moment in any student's life. It's the start of a journey of independence, self-discovery, growth, and the many relationships that students may find while attending any institution all across the world, and I want to help with those journeys. I want to help provide a safe and welcoming environment for anyone and everyone living on UNH's campus. Being that person who is seen as an advocate for everyone, both on a personal level and institutional level, is important to me. I want to help create that foundation of a better tomorrow by ensuring that this community is welcoming to all. When people graduate, I hope that they can carry what they have learned while attending UNH with them so that they too can help create that same foundation of equity and inclusivity wherever they go next, just as I aim to do as a Hall Director

Why did you choose to work at Res Life at UNH?

Aside from how stunning New England is and my fascination for colonial architecture, UNH simply just won me over with how clearly their staff cares about their students. During my interview process, I was lucky enough to meet several people who share the same passions I do when it comes to both personal values and also a shared belief in what's important for the students living on UNH's campus. I knew that in taking this position, I would be sharing a campus with people who will fight along side me for the betterment of everyone, not just select demographics.

What advice would you give to students?

You're allowed to make mistakes. You will make mistakes. We all do. Give patience to others who have made mistakes that affect you just as you wish for patience with the mistakes you make; give patience to yourself as well. We are all human, we sometimes say the wrong thing, are late to an appointment, forget an important birthday, or maybe just bump into someone as we pass by each other, whatever it may be, mistakes happen and that's okay.