Brittany Cotton

Hall Director


Undergraduate Degree:
Business Management (Concentration in Entrepreneurship)
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University ‘12
Greensboro, North Carolina 

Master’s Degree:
Master of Education in Higher Education Student Affairs
Western Carolina University ‘17
Cullowhee, North Carolina



Why did you choose to become a Hall Director?
I became a Hall Director because I am passionate about the community engagement of the residential life aspect of the college campus. My interpersonal skills are instrumental in creating partnerships with departments to enhance the institutional culture to help develop community among students, faculty and staff. As a Hall Director, I am connected to residential students who are connected to commuter students, faculty, and other staff members of the campus community. These connections ignite my ability to provide guidance to students, promote academic and personal growth, create educational and recreational programs, and create a safe, inclusive environment for all to coexist in. To conclude, diversity is the foundation in which I serve my students to ensure they become globalized citizens.   


Why did you choose to work for Res Life at the University of New Hampshire?
The Department of Residential (Res) Life at the University of New Hampshire is dedicated to the development of their students and professionals. It is imperative that I work for a department that serves their students by challenging them while creating an environment that is inclusive for all. I appreciate that the Res Life professionals were honest about the direction of the department and its position on diversity and accountability. To be frank, I did not choose Res Life, Res Life chose me, and I am elated they decided to take a chance on me. I am super excited about meeting the students I will serve and I hope they are ready for my bubbly, optimistic personality! Go Wildcats!


What advice would you give to students?
Your presence is powerful. What you do today will have an impact on you tomorrow. Be mindful, be proud and give back when you can.