Belle Kenoyer

Belle Vukovich Kenoyer
Assistant Director
Phone: (603) 862-0216
Office: Residential Life, Hitchcock Hall Rm 13A, Durham, NH 03824


  • Supervise 5 RHDs
  • Coordinate RHD recruitment
  • Chair of the RA Engagement Committee
  • Web updates
  • Conduct Liaison


  • B.B.A., Finance, minor Spanish, University of Iowa
  • M.A., Student Affairs, University of Iowa

About Me


I use the pronouns She/her and grew up mostly in the south – primarily Houston, TX and Irmo, SC. I completed my BBA in Finance with a Spanish minor at the University of Iowa. After working for a year at a bank in Chicago I quickly made my way into Student Affairs. I completed my M.A. in Student Affairs at the University of Iowa and my first job out of grad school was as an RHD at UNH! My partner and I moved on to other positions after four years, but we had always talked about being able to live in NH again one day. Nine years, four moves (one overseas), and triplet boys later, we made our way back!

What I like most about working with college students is the immense potential they have. They are young enough to want to change things for the better in their lives and communities and they are old enough to do something about it. I truly believe that college students need both boundaries and being pushed beyond boundaries. They desire (even if it's really deep down) people in their lives who are able to show them how to be an adult in the world and people in their lives who are able to push them to be more than they are today. What I like most about working with RHDs is how fully they give of themselves to the students they work with and the staff on which they work. RHDs are people who both set boundaries (around behavior) and push students to go beyond boundaries (by encouraging students through their various areas of development). Even on a staff with a multitude of viewpoints and strong opinions, there is a strong, unified feel to our department.

Why UNH?
When I think back on the places I have worked professionally (pre and post-Master’s, in and out of higher ed) my time at UNH was the most positive, challenging, and fun. And I am fortunate to have worked with some pretty great people at some pretty amazing places. Not only do the staff truly love working with college students, but they also love working with new professionals and learning from them and working to develop the program to the next level. After 3 institutions in 9 years, I am extremely excited to be working in a place with the institutional history that the Department of Residential Life has, that is also willing to create new practices to improve the learning and development of college students and professional staff. The ocean, mountains, and wildlife ain’t too shabby either.

Who Am I?
Well, I gave a little teaser about having triplet boys and it’s the truth (Aidan, Brady and Gavin began fifth grade this fall!)! They are the light of my life and the reason I have gray hair. I try hard to not bore people with kid stories, but if you want a laugh, I have some good ones! We have recently added to our family with Herbie, a 100% pure mixed breed dog. So if you are looking for doggie snuggles and puppy zooms, stop by my house! My partner in this crazy journey is Curt and he is the love of my life. I love the outdoors, a little gardening, cooking and eating, reading, running, a good chat, laughing and travel. I have been known to be the emotional one in the group – and I am totally comfortable with it. Feel free to stop by my office if you need something – I’m like a 7-11.