Becky Wintringer

Woodside Apartment Manager
(603) 862-2407


University of Wisconsin – Whitewater – B.A. English Literature

University of Massachusetts Lowell – M.Ed. Higher Education Administration

Why did you choose to become an Apartment Manager?

My time as an undergraduate student was truly transformational for me. I found myself and my passions because of the experiences and opportunities I had when I was a student. A lot of that was due to the people and mentors I met along the way. It is important to me that students get the most out of their experiences and I am so proud to be in a roll where I can have a hand in that.

Why did you choose to work for Housing at the University of New Hampshire?

UNH is a very unique campus. The community and campus are so welcoming. But ultimately, it was the people who sold me on the experience. Everyone I have met and interacted with is truly invested in the student experience and making this campus the best it can be.

What advice would you give to students?

I think what is most important about your time as a student is to remember that it is not all about what happens inside the classroom. There is so much to explore about yourself when you get involved in things like clubs and organizations or getting a job on campus. By no means am I implying that you shouldn’t put your efforts to do your best academically. But I think it is also very important to remember what other opportunities you have to explore.