Our Staffing Diversity

Celebrating Hanukkah

We actively recruit a diverse candidate pool for both our professional and student staff positions. We are mindful of the demographics at the University of New Hampshire, state of New Hampshire, and our staff and we work to create a diverse environment for our staff and students. We are aware of the impact that experiences around diverse groups have on our staff members and our students.

Additionally, we know that for some professional and student staff members from underrepresented social identities, it is important to know about resources in the area and allies around the community. Check out the personal story of one of our Residence Hall Directors here.

Our commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice is transparent in the work we do and the relationships we nurture in the department, the university, and in the surrounding community. We acknowledge that we all make mistakes sometimes, but learn from those mistakes and the hurt they caused, and then we move forward together. We look forward to seeing the work our students do and seeing them grow in this diverse community.