Mid-Year Options

  • Mid-Year Options

    Different Room?

      Single Room in Scott Hall
    • Mid-Year Options

      Moving Halls?

        Move In day at Williamson and Christenesen
      • Mid-Year Options

        Woodside Apartment?

        Woodside building

      Are you planning to leave campus housing at the end of Fall semester? 

      • Will you have an open space in your room next semester that you’d like to pull a friend into? 
      • Interested in changing rooms within your current hall?
      • Want to move to a different hall? 
      • Want to know more about moving to Woodside or The Gables?
      • Wondering when you have to do any of this?

      Please see the information regarding specific situations contained in the links below to answer your specific questions.

      Interested In:

      Consult with your RA or Hall Director about the In-Hall Process taking place in your residence hall on November 20!  Your RHD and RA are just steps away.  Make sure you get the correct In-Hall process information.  Remember to mark your calendars for Monday, November 20th!

      If you wish to be released from contractural full year academic housing, you must submit a request for release from Housing. The cancellation request form is available on our website.  Complete the form and attach it to an email or bring it to our office at 10 Academic Way.  It will be reviewed and considered based on your individual circumstances. Due to the UNH and Federal holiday this year, you have until Monday, November 13 at 12Noon to submit the Cancellation Request.  This deadline is strictly enforced. You must submit a cancellation request if you plan to leave on-campus housing for any reason including:

          Withdrawal from UNH
          Participation in a Study Abroad/Exchange Program

      Ten (10) minute appointments to speak with an Assignments Coordinator about where you would like to live Semester II will be available Wednesday and Thursday, November 29 and 30; Friday, December 1,and Monday and Tuesday, December 4 and 5.  

      On-line appointment scheduling will begin the week of November 13. Return here to schedule your appointment.

      Please email Sholanna Pemberton (sholanna.pemberton@unh.edu), Apartments Assignments Coordinator, with specific questions or phone her at 862-1754 for more information about moving to the apartments at mid-year. 

      Between Hall Appointment Scheduling Calendar