Mid-Year Options

  • Mid-Year Options

    Different Room?

      Single Room in Scott Hall
    • Mid-Year Options

      Moving Halls?

        Move In day at Williamson and Christenesen
      • Mid-Year Options

        Woodside Apartment?

        Woodside building
      • Will you have an open space in your room next semester that you’d like to pull a friend into? 
      • Interested in changing rooms within your current hall?
      • Want to move to a different hall? 
      • Want to know more about moving to Woodside or The Gables?
      • Wondering when you have to do any of this?

      Please see the information regarding specific situations below to answer your specific questions.

      Interested In:

      Want a new space for spring semester and wish to stay in your current hall? The In-Hall room change event will be held in your building on Wednesday, December 5. Your Hall Director will oversee the in-hall room switch process and will provide you all of the information and deadlines you need to know!

      Didn’t participate in In-Hall night? After December 5 you can file a housing wish-list form – get one from your Hall Director or Housing and submit prior to winter break. A Housing representative will call you over the break if we have a new space to offer you for the spring semester!

      An additional In-Hall room change night will be held directly after winter break on Wednesday, January 23.

      Considering a new space for spring semester on campus? If you haven’t been accommodated by one of the other processes, you can come to our campus-wide room switch event on Tuesday, January 29. This event will be held in the ground floor lounge of Stoke Hall from 4-6pm. More details and information will be provided to all students via email in January!

      Please email Sholanna Pemberton (sholanna.pemberton@unh.edu), Apartments Assignments Coordinator, with specific questions or phone her at 862-1754 for more information about moving to the apartments at mid-year. 

      MidYear Teaser


      Wish List Forms will be available from your Hall Director or at the Housing Office beginning on Wednesday, December 5.