Getting Involved

Have fun and become a wildcat by being part of your community! Whether it's joining an intramural sport, the hall council, or competing in floor wars, we offer many opportunities to get involved at your Hall.

Floor Wars

students playing tug of war

Have you ever wanted to duct tape someone to a wall? Ever had the urge to put on as many t-shirts as possible within a minute? Want to have fun with a group of people competing to win the pride and admiration of your hall? Well, Floor Wars is what you’ve been looking for!   Get your floor together and compete against the other floors in your building in an all-out, drag-down, fun competition in the hall.  There’s a ton of zany and different competitions for everyone of all abilities to get involved.  Each hall does things a little differently.  Our Hall Councils, Activity Boards, Hall Directors, and RAs have some really great imaginations to get you sloppy, smart and socially conscious.  And it’s all about you!  Have a great idea?  Pass it along, we’ll use it!

Hall Council

UNH has a student governing board in each residence hall. They are often referred to as Hall Council. These councils primarily organize social events for their hall. In addition to building community via programs and events, hall council also provides opinions for decisions in which campus administrators are seeking a student voice.

At the beginning of the school year each hall holds elections and the staff are looking for folks who want to get involved.  It’s a great way to learn leadership skills and gain experience in planning events and managing budgets.  Many of our hall council members go on to different levels of leadership including Resident Assistant, Student Senate members, and executive board members across the campus. 

Example positions include: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, campus activity board rep, Campus Living Association (CLA) rep, community partnership rep, and senator. Each hall also has an energy captain who helps educate residents about saving natural resources and encouraging wise energy and water usage around the halls.  In addition, each floor can have a floor representative who takes hall council information back to the residents of their floor.

The Hall Councils and the hall staff work to provide activities for students in each residence hall. Events might include hall barbecues, ice cream socials, pizza nights, Halloween parties, ski trips, and hiking trips.  

Leadership development is a big part of the learning that also goes into Hall Councils.  You’ve got some great responsibility on your hands if you sign up.  But, we’re here to help you.  Every Hall Council has an advisor – either the Hall Director or the Assistant Hall Director (in Williamson, Christensen, the UQ, and Stoke).  This person helps direct the group, give suggestions on what to accomplish, and develops your leadership style.


intramural water polo

Are you into sports?  Then you’ll want to get into UNH's intramural sports program! Each year different teams from nearly every residence hall on campus vie against one another in a variety of intramural sports.  The competition is tough but all in good fun!  

You can compete in sports like volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, flag football, pool games, and the ever popular Broomball! Don’t worry if you have never played broomball before – nobody comes to college knowing how to run around the ice hockey rink hitting a ball with a broom – bring a camera!!

Check out the Campus Rec website for more information.