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Due to unforeseen COVID-19 facility realignment, on-campus graduate housing is not available this fall (year) at UNH.  

Durham has many off-campus apartment options available for students in either shared apartments or single rooms. UNH also provides bus services to Dover, Newmarket and Portsmouth making these locations great options. Below are some resources to assist you in your search for off campus housing.





The University of New Hampshire uses a 3rd party vendor for their off-campus housing listings and sources - Places4Students. You can search this on-line data source for many different situations: sublets, roommates, rentals, etc.


Go to

Durham Landlord Association



The Durham Landlord Association is a consortium of many of the local landlords who have rental properties.  This website offers information about each of their properties in an easy way to search .  It's a great way to discover rental opportunities in Durham, NH.  


Go to Durham Landlord Association

Where Else Can I Search for An Apartment?

Go to Facebook

Joining Seacoast Housing & Rental Site on Facebook is a great option. YOU can post what you are searching for including some details and people who have available apartments or rooms will reach out to you. Often they do not want to weed through a bunch of requests and do not want to advertise their available spaces so they will watch for someone who sounds like a good fit. An example of something you could post would include:

  • UNH Graduate student looking to rent a one bedroom, one bath apartment under $1000/month close to a UNH Wildcat bus route. Looking to Graduate in December so I would need a negotiable lease, perhaps May through January.
  • UNH Graduate student looking for a quiet room/apartment to rent starting in May/June. Must have kitchen and laundry access and be close to Durham. Planning on graduating in 2 years.

Go to NH Craig's List

  • Listings on Craigslist vary from Management Company or Real Estate Companies managing larger apartment complexes to local home owners with one partment or one building to rent.
  • the key is to check on a regular basis and respond as quickly as possible before the apartment vacancy is filled.
  • Sharing accommodations may be the most cost effective route in searching for an apartment.

Utility Comparison Tool

In My Area is a free website that lets you find home service companies available in your targeted neighborhood.  Compare the different internet and cable companies that service your selected Zip Code.

In My Area


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