Floor Wars

Have you ever wanted to duct tape someone to a wall? Ever had the urge to put on as many t-shirts as possible within in minute? Want

Students playing tug-o-war at Williamson Hall

to have fun with a group of people competing to win the pride and admiration of your hall? Well, Floor Wars is what you’ve been looking for!   Get your floor together and compete against the other floors in your building in an all-out, drag-down, fun competition in the hall.  There’s a ton of zany and different competitions for everyone of all abilities to get involved.  Each hall does things a little differently.  Our Hall Councils, Activity Boards, Hall Directors, and RAs have some really great imaginations to get you sloppy, smart and socially conscious.  And it’s all about you!  Have a great idea?  Pass it along, we’ll use it!

Housing Office Mission

Our mission is to provide residents and University guests with a safe, comfortable, and affordable living environment that promotes learning, social interaction and personal growth; to maintain facilities, advance technology and provide services that are attentive to resident needs and concerns; and to ensure efficient and effective management of operations and resources.

Residential Life Mission

Creating engaged communities and supporting individual development are important goals, and can stand on their own. However, they also intersect and impact each other. We challenge, nurture and support our students and community through our Department Curriculum Goals: involvement, academics, social justice and healthy living. All of these goals are accomplished through active and passive programming, casual and directed developmental contact with students, and intentional supervision of resident assistants and assistant hall directors.