First Year

Welcome to your first step of #LivingInWildcatCountry!


Housing/Dining Application


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Your first year at UNH offers an amazing opportunity to meet new people, starting with your roommates!  Most first-year roommates are randomly matched based on their answers to 7 lifestyle questions on the housing application.  Assignments are typically available in early July.  An email will be sent to your UNH account with instructions for looking up your assignment and roommate. We encourage you to contact your roommate to introduce yourself and to begin talking about things like who will bring what, who might like the top bunk and what you hope to get out of the roommate experience.  

We understand that some students have long established friendships and would like to request to live together.   Specific roommate requests are accepted until Friday, May 17th via the online housing application.  Roommate requests must be mutual. If the roommate request is confirmed to be mutual by May 17th, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Other options, such as meal plans, are available for update until Friday, June 21, 2019.


The enrollment and housing/dining deposit is due by Wednesday, 1 May 2019. 

You can begin the Housing/Dining application process now!  Remember the application remains editable for all options (exept roommate request) until Friday, June 21st.


Welcome to your first step of #LivingInWildcatCountry!

Peace Out in Wildcat CountryThe housing/dining application is open and ready for your input! Login using your UNH credentials and follow the simple on-screen instructions. You can return to the application anytime to edit and update your information.

Students have until Friday, June 21, 2019, to edit and make updates to their freshmen housing application.

*Exception: May 17th is the deadline for a student to request a specific roommate. Roommate requests must be mutual.

Housing/Dining Application



ONLY Want to pay your Enrollment and Housing/Dining deposit online?  Login using the link below and follow the onscreen instructions for an easy-peasy payment process.

Pay Enrollment-Housing/Dining Deposit


View Your Housing Assignment

Your housing assignment will be available for viewing in early July.