Early Arrival or Storage

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The Housing Office will coordinate with the leaders of UNH-sponsored groups who require early arrivals  (i.e., football camp, marching band, Jukebox, etc). If you are part of one of these groups, follow the instructions of your group coordinator. You do not need to submit a request to move-in early on this page.

If you are a student with extenuating circumstances, due to family, academic, extra-curricular or work commitments, you may request the following:

  • An Early Move-In Exception which is defined as a student who would like to move in to On-Campus Housing earlier than their official move-in date. Approval must be obtained prior to move-in and there will be a fee of $100. No student can move-in prior to Friday, August 27th, 2021.
  • An Early Storage Exception which is defined as a student storing their belongings in their assigned space prior to physically moving into the room. The student cannot stay the night in the room. This is a storage only opportunity before the scheduled move-in date.  The drop-off exception dates will be:
    • Tuesday August 24th, 2021 from 8am to 10am with a fee of $50
    • Friday, August 27th, 2021 after 2pm with a fee of $25.
The deadline for submitting any early exception request is Wednesday, August 18th, 2021.


1. You must have extenuating circumstances to arrive early in order for the request to be approved. The following reasons will NOT be approved:

  • "My summer lease is ending and I have to move out of the apartment I live in."
  • “We can only get the vehicle for that day.”
  • “It would be much more convenient to move in earlier.”
  •  “My parents have to work that day.”

2. Students must read and agree with the policies and fees.

3. Complete the Request for an Early Move-in Exception or Early Drop-Off Exception on the blue button below.

Please Note: 

Not all requests for exceptions can be approved.  Only those requests having extenuating circumstances will be considered and approved. 

If you have specific questions or concerns about the individual exceptions, please contact Solimar Collado at 603.862.3469 or email her.