COVID19 Housing FAQs


Q: Given that UNH is closing, can I return to campus get the rest of my belongings because I did not bring everything home when I left for spring break?
We are instituting a spring move out process from March 22 at 8am- March 30 at 4:30pm. You will need to sign up for a two-hour time block to come pick up your belongings within that timeframe. A link will be provided to sign up.

Q: If you are not on-campus, you should not return until your designated move out date.
The form must be completed no later than Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 12 noon EST to reserve a spot.  This move out process aligns with the University’s effort to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus by reducing the density of social encounters, practicing social distancing and providing students and their families flexibility in making the necessary arrangements.

Q:  What if I don’t sign up for a time but I want to move my items out?
We will not be able to accommodate you. The move out guidelines are strict guidelines in an effort to ensure safety for students, families and staff.

Q:  Can I come early?
No, we cannot accommodate early arrivals. Out of an abundance of caution, residents will only be permitted to enter the building during their sign-up time. We must abide by the guidelines set by the CDC and ensure social distancing within all buildings.

Q: Can I bring a family member or friend to help me?
We ask that you limit your party to one additional person. Again, this is to ensure that we follow CDC guidelines and ensure social distancing.

Q:  Is there anything that I should bring with me?
Please bring garbage bags with you to make this as efficient as possible.

Q:  Will staff be available when we are moving out?
To minimize face to face contact, Hall and Building staff will not be available in person. There will be signage on the RHD office door and in other areas indicating the phone number to call to speak with your Hall Director or Building Manager. Please call with any questions that you have.

Q:  I am struggling with this information, who can I talk to?
PACS (682-2090), Your RHD or Apartment Manager or the Housing Office 862-2120. We suggest you email your RHD or Apartment Manager with your cell phone number. They will reach out by phone. We are trying to avoid face to face contact.

Q:  I am not feeling well and can’t leave given that I am sick?
We recommend calling Health and Wellness at 862-9355 and Housing at 862-2120.

Q:  I have some physical limitations and I need help moving my belongings out?
Contact the Housing Office at 862-2120.

Q:  Will I get a refund from UNH?
Please know that we recognize the financial impact on students and families and we are working on refunding room and board costs on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the year. Adjustments will be posted to the student's existing account and will reduce the amount owed. If the adjustment results in a credit balance, students will be informed on how to receive refunds. Additional information on account adjustments will be made available by April 15.

Q:  Can I use a cart to move out my belongings?
Yes, carts are available in some halls with elevators. Use at your own risk due to health concerns. Keep in mind there is no way to clean carts in between usage. They will be in central areas of your hall.

Q:  I already moved my items out of my room and am not currently on-campus, can I mail my key to you?
Yes, package them in a box or sturdy envelope. Please include your name and on-campus assignment in the package. The address is 10 Academic Way, Durham, NH 03824.

Q:  I cannot bring all of my things, is there storage available?
There is no storage available. You are welcome to designate and send a proxy to move your items within your scheduled timeframe. Please make sure the Proxy is able to provide confirmation of the appointment.

Q:  I am not able to return my library books. What should I do?
Don’t worry! Due dates for your UNH library books will be automatically extended until you are permitted to return to campus. The library will communicate your specific due date extensions with you in the next few weeks. No overdue fines will be incurred at this time. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) books may have due dates that cannot be changed, however you will not be fined for these items and ILL due dates can be disregarded until further notice.

Q:  I left for spring break and was planning on returning? What can I do?
Residents who left campus for spring break will not be able to return to live in on-campus housing. The only students that will have access on-campus are those that are vetted and approved by the Directors of Housing and Residential Life. Residents who feel they have an extenuating circumstance should outline their situation in writing via email. The request will be reviewed by the Directors of Housing and Residential Life. Residents who are approved will be re-assigned and re-located to a designated building on-campus.

Q:  I am not able to come to move my items prior to March 30, what do I do?
Your items will remain in the room until further notice from Housing.  You will not be charged and you will not be penalized.  Residents will not be able to return to campus and access their belongings in the meantime. 

Q:  How can I gain access to my building when I come to move out?
To gain access to your building, you will need to bring your student ID, this email confirmation, and your room key or combo.

Q: I am current spring break resident; do I have to notify staff when I am leaving?
Yes, your Hall Director or Building Manager will request your specific move out day/time.

Q: What do I have to do to complete my move out and check out?
If you can, remove all your belongings from the space. There will be an express check out envelope/instructions on each door.  Resident must place completed check out materials  in the Express Check-out box in the lobby or outside of the RHD/Building Managers office door.  Once you've completed your move-out, you must complete an Express Checkout on the Housing Portal.  Residents who are storing their property until a later date must also complete an Express Checkout on the Housing Portal.

Q: When should I complete the Express Self-Checkout?
Please use our Express Checkout (Housing Portal) to check yourself out of your space once you have completed your move.  For students who are storing their property until a later date, please also complete an Express Checkout.

Q:  When will hall access be turned off?
When the resident checks out of their space or on Sunday, March 30 at 4:30pm whichever comes first.

Q:  Is there any place local that I can stay?
The Holiday Inn in Durham has offered a special rate. Other places in Durham are Three Chimneys Inn and The Pines Guest House. These are all walkable from campus.

Q:  Can International Students stay on campus?
Residents that are currently living in residential buildings have been directed to vacate campus as soon as possible and no later than March 30 at 4:30pm. Exceptions will be reviewed critically and will only be made in extremely extenuating circumstances. Students staying will be relocated to a different hall to be determined.

Q:  I feel that I have an extreme extenuating circumstance, what should I do?
Residents who feel they have an extenuating circumstance should outline their situation in writing via email. The request will be reviewed by the Directors of Housing and Residential Life. Residents who are approved will be re-assigned and re-located to a designated building on-campus.

Q:  Can I stay in my current room?
No, students approved to stay will need to move their belongings to an assignment in one building designated by the Housing office. Approvals to stay will be very rare and the building is yet to be determined