Community Assistant Job Description

The Community Assistant (CA) position is designed to assist the area Managers in developing and maintaining a positive living and learning environment for the on-campus undergraduate apartments and upperclassmen living facilities at the University of New Hampshire.  As integral members of the apartment team, CAs are expected to support the mission of UNH Apartment Living by providing residents with a safe, secure, and cooperative residential community that is conducive to academic success and personal development, paying particular attention to the needs of upper-class students.    

This is a live-in position providing outreach and support to residents from the fall semester opening through to the spring semester closing, including vacation periods. During the academic year, this position requires an approximate commitment of 20 hours per week.  Adjustments may be made to accommodate academic commitments, with prior approval from the supervising manager. 

CAs are expected to be visible in their community and be available and approachable for residents. It is expected that the conduct and lifestyle of the CA will serve as a role model for residents.  It is also expected that CAs will communicate openly and effectively with other members of their staff. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Full time enrollment in a degree program at the University of New Hampshire.  

  • Must reside in a university housing assignment for the term of appointment.

  • Must be in good standing academically, financially, and judicially.

  • Outside commitments limited to 5 hours per week or approval from Housing staff

  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5


  • Housing is provided in a single or double bedroom of a four or five-person apartment at The Gables or Woodside Apartments. Regardless of placement, CAs will have the opportunity to select their roommates or having Housing select roommates on their behalf, if applicable.

  • A Core meal plan with unlimited swipes from UNH Dining. 


Specific Responsibilities

  • Develop and promote a sense of community within the apartment complex/building based on the ideals of respect and responsibility. 
  • Act as a role model for residents by balancing academics, work and personal responsibilities and conducting your behavior in an honest, conscientious, and professional manner.
  • Coordinate and run social programs within the complex or building in accordance with the requirements put forth by the supervising manager. Depending on the CA community placement this typically amounts to 1-3 programs per month depending on the time of year and needs of residents. 
  • Create and display assigned educational/informational bulletin board each month, as directed by the supervising manager.
  • Attend and support the other CA’s community programs whenever possible.  
  • Assist the Resident’s Council to plan social events each semester.
  • Act as a liaison between residents and the Department of Housing, identifying issues, problems and successes and channeling that information to the appropriate staff members.
  • Be present and a positive presence in the apartment communities.  
  • Walk through your assigned building(s) regularly, being sure to interact with residents.
  • Complete the regular minimum resident contact requirement as assigned by the supervising Manager.  
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the nature and location of the various support services on campus and provide students with information regarding these resources or upcoming events and activities.
  • Be knowledgeable of, understand, observe and enforce the policies and regulations of the community and the University.  Report concerns regarding policy violations to the Managers.  
  • Inform and advise residents of policies, procedures and regulations, and help residents understand the necessity of and rationale behind on-campus living policies.
  • Encourage both individual and group responsibility in the control of behavior and observance of regulations.
  • Participate in the on-call rotation as scheduled.  CAs are on duty Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 8PM to 8AM.  The CA on duty should be in their community, accessible by the duty phone, by 8PM each night of duty.
  • Since our communities do not close during the academic year, on-call responsibilities continue during university breaks and will be distributed during the fall semester.  Each CA is asked to assume a fair portion of the duty rotation during semester breaks.
  • Document and report all maintenance, facility and security concerns as well as student conduct incidents according to the procedures established by the Managers.
  • Distribute and post information promptly, as directed.  
  • Complete required paperwork in a timely manner (i.e. duty reports, incident reports, maintenance requests, etc.).
  • Assist in the opening/closing procedures for the apartments or hall, including but not limited to, key distribution and collection, inventories, and damage assessment.  
  • Participate in the recruitment, interview and selection process for new CA applicants, if applicable.
  • Fulfill weekly service desk shift requirements as set by Managers.
  • Assist with the apartment sign-up process, including, but not limited to, leading tours at the Apartment Open House.
  • Attend weekly CA staff meetings.
  • Attend regularly scheduled 1-1 meetings with the supervising manager.
  • Participate in staff training programs: a 10 day training prior to the opening of the fall semester, a day-long training prior to the spring semester and additional involvements and enrichments as scheduled. 
  • CAs must have prior approval from their supervising Apartment Manager for field experience, internships, extra-curricular activities, and outside employment. Commitments such as student teaching, intensive internships and other major extra-curricular or academic obligations that require the candidate to be off-campus several days a week for significant lengths of time may not be approved and may bar the candidate from employment. It is up to the candidate to inquire with their intended supervising manager about potential conflicts and significant obligations outside of the CA role.
  • If a CA’s cumulative GPA falls below the 2.5 requirement, he or she may be placed on job probation and be given one semester to bring cumulative GPA back up.
  • The present and past conduct of a CA is expected to be in line with the needs and missions of the position and the Department. The hiring managers will conduct a background check of each candidate’s student judicial conduct record. Although having a judicial conduct record does not necessarily bar a candidate from being considered for employment, serious conduct violations that have resulted in probation, eviction or suspension will be weighed heavily in the final hiring decisions.
  • If a CA fails to meet the conditions outlined in this document and the CA contract, he or she will be subject to disciplinary sanctions including probation and/or termination.  
  • In the event of termination, resignation or withdrawal from UNH, the Department of Housing will recover any credits to a CA’s account covering housing fees for the period during which services as a CA were not rendered. If the CA wishes to remain in in-campus housing, and is eligible, the Housing Department will provide a reassignment at its discretion.
  • The UNH Department of Housing reserves the right to assign a CA to the apartment complex/hall that is best suited to his or her skills and abilities or its needs for CA coverage
  • Candidate must be able to attend and participate in Community Assistant training in full. Training takes place during the 10-day period prior to Fall semester opening. No exceptions will be made. If the candidate has questions regarding their specific schedule and how it might conflict with CA training, it is his or her responsibility to address these concerns with their intended supervising manager.