Community Assistant FAQs

Absolutely! We have had many outstanding CAs who had never been RAs. Each year our staff is comprised of people with a mix of experience levels. CAs come from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

 We have 4 positions at the Woodside Apartments, 10 positions at the Gables, 6 positions at Adams Tower West and 5 at Babcock Hall.  Each year we have approximate 120-125 applicants.  Aside from making offers for the positions we have available we also hire a number of alternate candidates to assume the CA position if a spot becomes available.

 No. While we value the experience that returners bring, we look at the overall applicant pool each year and try to build the best team we can.

 CAs are given a dining plan plus free housing in their assigned complex/building.

It depends! Because of the physical structure of the apartments and Adams Tower West we are not able to offer singles to all of our CAs.  All four CAs at Woodside are assigned to double rooms.  All six CAs at Adams Tower West are assigned to spacious triple suite rooms.  At the Gables, CAs are in singles and doubles. At Babcock Hall all CAs are assigned singles.

 YES!  When candidates are offered a position they are given paperwork to select their apartment-mates/roommates.  As long as the desired apartment-mates/roommates are eligible to live in on-campus housing they can live with you!

Our goal is to build strong overall teams for Woodside, Gables, Adams Tower West and Babcock Halls.  We also try to pair Gables CAs with complementary skills in the same buildings.  When we offer a candidate a position, the offer is specific down to the complex, building and apartment/floor.  Placement is determined based on manager recommendation and candidate preference.

Yes.  In the application we ask candidates if they prefer to live and work at Woodside, Gables, Adams Tower West or Babcock Halls.  We try our best to accommodate requests but we cannot make any guarantees.

Each year we have been fortunate to have a highly competitive applicant pool and unfortunately we cannot hire everyone.  We make a number of alternate offers each year in case a position becomes available.

 YES!  On an average year we go to the alternate pool for one reason or another.  We have had CAs who were originally alternates go on to be very successful 2-year CAs.

In all areas, CAs are on rounds Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Additional coverage may be needed for special nights such as days before University holidays or special events.

The number of nights CAs are on duty per semester is dependent upon the size of the staff and the structure of the complex.

Yes & No.  Since Woodside, Gables, Adams Tower West and Babcock Halls do not close over Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks we have CAs on duty. If a CAs has signed up for duty over break he/she has to be here during duty shifts.  If a CA is not on duty he/she does not have to be on campus.  (Since dining halls are not open over these break periods CAs covering these duty shifts are paid a nightly stipend).

Yes and No.  It depends on your time commitment.  We encourage CAs not to take on outside commitments that exceed 5 hours per week beyond the CA job.  CAs are required to ask their supervisor for approval before taking on additional commitments. Internships or other position which would prevent a CA from attending CA training will not be approved.

The CA job boils down to approximately 20 hours per week.  Some weeks are more.  Some weeks are less.  It depends on the time of year, the duty schedule and each CA’s program schedule.

Designing and running hall programs for residents is one of the most creative and exciting things that CAs get to do.  CAs are provided with plenty of guidance and a budget for running their socials.

Prior experience is not a requirement to be a CA.  All staff members receive training before the academic year on many situations that might arise.  Training will also include time to explore and become familiar with UNH campus resources and other offices which will be helpful to the CA during the year.

The main CA page contains links to each Property Manager/Hall Manager's email address (underneath their photo).  Please feel free to email them with any questions you may have.