On Campus Apartments

  • On Campus Apartments

    Live in our renovated apartments at Gables A, B, and C Towers.

    The gables newly renovated kitchen
  • On Campus Apartments

    Our apartments have a close community that you will call family.

    Gables residents with the UNH wildcat
  • On Campus Apartments

    Enjoy the spacious kitchens at Woodside.

    A photo of the woodside kitchen

Room amenities:                            

  • Furnished                                                     
  • Full-size kitchen
  • Private bath
  • All utilities, including cable, Wi-Fi

Building amenities:

  • Free housing during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks
  • Gables shuttle service
  • On-site parking
  • Mail delivery
  • Laundry facilities 

The Gables

Photo of Gables North Tower

Are you 19+ years  old or going to be a Sophomore going into the Fall semester?

the gables apartments


Photo of Woodside Apartments

Are you an undergraduate student looking for an independent living environment on-campus?  Woodside apartment complex could be perfect for you.

Woodside apartments

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