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Call Dibs is now closed.

The Call Dibs Apartment Sign-Up selection is closed.

If you want to add your name to the Apartment Wish List please complete the 2020-2021 application and click the Apartment Wish List link.

Complete a 2020-2021 Housing Application

2020-2021 Housing Application

  1. Use the button above to login to the Housing Portal

  2. Click the "Housing Applications" link on the menu bar

  3. Select "2020-2021 Academic Year" term

  4. Click "Apply"


What's Your Status?

October 9 (Wednesday) at 9:00am - Exclusive apartment selection to current on-campus apartment residents begins!
  1. Complete a Housing Reapplication (online)
  2. Create a group that fills the apartment you want (online)
  3. Pick your space (online)*
  4. Complete the remainder of your housing application and confirm your selection!

All apartment spaces are first come, first to choose!

*If you don’t have a group that fills an apartment, you will not select a space in the online process. Our amazing staff person, Kristen Bellio, the On-Campus Apartment Coordinator ( or 603.862.1754), will work with all currently assigned partial groups to consolidate and fill apartments. 

Apartment selection process opens to all residence hall students beginning Wednesday, Wednesday, November 13 at 9:00am!
  1. Complete a Housing Reapplication (online)
  2. Create a group that fills the apartment you want (online) (TIP:  plan for 6 person apartments, most 4 and 5 person apartments will already have been taken by current apartment residents!)
  3. Pick your space (online)
  4. Complete the remainder of your housing application and confirm your selection!

All apartment spaces are first come, first to choose!

Students currently living off-campus join a group and participate in the Call Dibs apartment selection process but they cannot be the captain of their group and at least one person in their group must currently be an on-campus resident.

Things To Consider...

Possible Hidden Costs and Inconveniences of Off-Campus Living

Telephone, cable, and internet installation and monthly fees

Subletting during summer months and finding
replacements for roommates who graduate or go abroad

Water, gas, heat, and electric monthly bills, plus trash and snow
removal fees

First and last month's rent due at lease signing

Need for a co-signer on the lease

Providing your own furniture or paying a furniture option

Cost of gas and time to commute

Higher parking fees!!!







Gables Apartment Complex

Gables offer 3, 4, 5, and 6 person fully-furnished apartments without the burden of a 12 month lease. Your Agreement is from Move-In in August to Move-Out in May leaving you free to enjoy the summer without having to worry about sublets or Summer rent payments.

Check Out The Gables!

Gables Apartment


Q:  Cost wise, how do the apartments compare to the halls?

The similarity in cost may surprise you! Per semester, a traditional residence hall double plus the core meal plan actually costs a little bit more than a double room in a 6-person Gables apartment and the largest swipe meal plan! If you would rather do more of your own cooking, meal plans are optional for apartment residents. Add in free break housing and the savings go up.

Q: I currently live in the on-campus apartments but I don’t have a full apartment group? It’s just me, or just me and a friend or two.

If you have less than a full-group (say just you or just you and one or two friends) and are hoping to secure a space within an apartment, our Call Dibs process will allow you to complete the application, form your group, and you'll be manually assigned by our amazing staff person, Kristen Bellio, the On-Campus Apartment Coordinator ( or 603.862.1754). Kristen will work with you to ensure that you are assigned to an apartment space with other partial groups. So even if you don't have a full group, there's a great opportunity for you to get an wonderful assignment at the on-campus apartments.

Q: Can apartments be co-ed?

Yes! More information about coed apartment living is available on the Housing website at

Q: Are the apartments open during vacations?

Yes again! They remain open during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks at no additional cost! You are free to come and go as you please during those break periods.

Q: Do I have to wait until the selection process opens to form my apartment group?

No, you shouldn't!!! As a matter of fact, the best course of action is to start as early as possible and get your group together and form your housing group early. That way you are prepared for the selection process when it begins!

Q: I currently live in the residence halls.  What if my group and I don't snag an apartment?

You’ll be automatically added to our apartment waitlist, as we will be able to see that you indeed filed your housing applications and formed a group online. We will call your group captain if spaces open for your group members at Gables or Woodside! Last year we were able to accommodate many groups on the apartment waitlist, so stay positive! Additionally, if you have any specific questions or requests about your apartment assignment or your hope to live at Gables or Woodside next year, contact Also don’t forget that in the coming months we’ll offer the opportunity for you to participate in Block Housing which gives groups of 6-12 friends the opportunity to select a block of rooms together in specific residence halls.

Q: Holding a Space for Someone (Placeholder)

Any student participating in the Call Dibs apartment selection process agrees that they are NOT “a placeholder” for a different student – they fully intend to live at Gables or Woodside for the 2020-2021 academic year and are bound by all terms of the Room & Board agreement, including the Cancellation Charge Schedule.


Woodside Apartment Complex

Woodside Apartments are tucked in just steps behind the new Campus Rec facility and offer some of the closest-to-campus four person apartments that any lucky Wildcat can call home! All Woodside Apartments are four-person, two double bedrooms.  A great community of 400 Wildcats!

Check Out Woodside!

Woodside Apartments