Block Housing

group of students in the snow

Block Housing is a phase of room selection that allows groups of residents to select a "block" of rooms near each other in select residence halls on-campus. Block Housing is a great way to live with a group of friends! Current first-year students, and groups of students on the apartment waitlist, are especially encouraged to participate. Block Housing groups must consist of at least 6 members. We cannot guarantee being able to accommodate Block Housing groups larger than 12, but we welcome applications and will do our best. Block housing will offer single and double room spaces. 

Why You Should Consider Block Housing?

You get to ensure you live surrounded by your favorite people next year! While it may be possible for friend groups to select rooms or suites near each other during the regular online room selection process, Block Housing guarantees this happens. Block Housing is a great alternative to apartment-style and suite-style living, allowing groups of friends to live near each other in their desired room types. Block Housing groups are the first to know their Fall housing assignment in the residence halls.

Block Housing offers flexible room options that are gender-inclusive. Students of all gender identities may participate and make roommate requests that best meet their needs as long as those requests are mutual.

How to Apply!

Please complete the application form in its entirety, providing all information and signatures from each block member, and submit the forms in person to the Housing Department by the stated deadline. The Block Group Captain will then receive a phone call in order to schedule the room selection meeting.

IMPORTANT: All Block Group Members must also file an online Housing Application for the next academic year. This is important because it is how Housing collects a student’s commitment to the Room & Board Agreement, as well as the student’s emergency contact info, meal plan selection, and other data. 



Any actively-enrolled, full-time UNH student living on or off-campus who does not yet have a housing assignment at the Gables or Woodside apartments. Actively-enrolled students may include students on the waitlist, incoming transfer students who have received and accepted their UNH admittance letter, or students living in off-campus housing.

Block Housing is available in four buildings:

  • Stoke Hall
  • Upper Quad Halls (Randall/Hitchcock/Devine)

If Block Housing is highly requested then Housing and Residential Life will discuss adding more communities in the future.

  • Block Housing participants are bound by the same terms of the Room & Board Agreement, and the same Cancellation Fee schedule that all students who participated in the apartment or residence hall room selection are bound by. It is critical that each student read these terms and understand them before committing to on-campus housing for the upcoming year. Students agree to these terms by filing their online housing application prior to the Block Housing assignment process.
  • There will be a limited number of block housing spaces available in each building. Housing expects to be able to accommodate all block housing requests, but reserves the right to stop assigning block group requests at its discretion depending on demand.
  • Block Housing Groups are not required to select a block of rooms during this process if there are no blocks of rooms available that they are interested in. If the Block Group Captain is not able to identify a block of rooms that meets the needs of the entire group, all group members can instead participate in the Residence Hall Selection process. However, once residents are assigned to a space via their Block Housing application, they will not be eligible to participate in Residence Hall Room Selection and must wait until after the room selection to make any room re-assignment requests.
  • The Block Housing application will invite each group member to identify their preferred room type and roommate. Roommate requests must be mutual in order to be honored by the Department of Housing. All participants must also have filed an online housing reapplication to be eligible.
  • If a member of the Block Housing group drops out of a space once the group has been assigned, the remaining roommate will typically have an opportunity to identify a “pull in” within 48 hours. After the pull-in timeframe, Housing will assign a roommate to the space.
  • If a member of your Block Housing Group requires on-campus housing for Thanksgiving, Winter, and/or Spring break, the group can elect a block of rooms in the Upper Quad (Randall/Hitchcock/Devine Halls) which remains open, at additional cost, during break periods. Read more about break housing here.