Residence Hall Selection Process

The Residence Hall Selection Process for 2023-2024 will begin early Spring. Come back later for more information!  

If you are an undergraduate student who is 21 and older and wish to live in Babcock Hall, please email Julia Dubois

Residence Hall Housing Sign-Up

Current residents who want to return to our residence halls  must participate in the Residence Hall Selection Process.

Steps to Take

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  • Complete the appropriate academic year's housing application. All students who want to return to the residence halls must complete a housing application.
  • Form your housing group. All housing selections are made as a group. If you are looking for a Single, you must create a group of "1".
  • Select your Group's space.  Only Group Leaders can select their group's space at the housing sign-up time-slot.  However, you can change who the group leader is without affecting your timeslot. Make sure to plan ahead!


The In-Hall Process is for residents who want to stay in their current hall. This process happens before the Between Hall process.  The Between Hall Process is for residents who want to change halls for next academic year. This process happens after the In-Hall process.   Please reach out to the Housing Office by emailing or call (603) 862-2120.

Students living off-campus are able to join a group and participate in the Residence Hall Selection Process but they cannot be the captain of their group. At least one person in their group must currently be an on-campus resident.

If you are not part of a group and would like to live on-campus  for the upcoming academic year, please complete an On-Campus Housing Request


How To Apply!

Complete your application! 

If you want to participate in the Residence Hall Selection Process, you must complete an application.  Don't forget: you always have to comeback for your timeslot and to select your space afterwards. Familiarize yourself with the schedule above!

Do you want to stay in your current hall?

Check out this video to learn how the  In-Hall Process will look like if you want to stay in the same hall. First year halls cannot be part of this process. Look through our timeline to see when this process begins! This happens before the Between Hall Process.

Are you looking to switch halls?

If you would like to switch your current hall for next academic year, this video is for you! Remember to always have several options. Check our timeline to see when this process begins. The Between Hall Process happens after the In-Hall Process.

Looking for a random roommate?

Participate in the Partial Selection Process and find a random roommate! If you have a group of one or a partial group, search for available spaces after the In-Hall and Between Hall processes. (During the initial application process, you can match with potential roommates by using your Matching Questions and Profile.)


What You Need to Know

  • Congreve Hall typically fills quickly with seniors and juniors during the In-Hall and Between Hall process.
  • Popular halls that you like, are probably the popular halls that a lot of other students like as well (think Congreve, Handler, Peterson, Mills). Demand will be high and those halls’ open spaces will go quickly.  Be realistic, chances are first year students aren’t going to get a double in Congreve or Handler or a four-person suite in Mills.
  • Most of the time, the large suites in Mills Hall are taken during their In-Hall process.  Same goes for Handler Hall’s large suites.
  • The one sure way to get into Mills Hall as a rising first-year student, is to be pulled in by a student who already lives there.
  • Groups must fill both sides of a suite!


Before submitting your application...

  • If you are not a resident of the building you are interested in during the Selection Process, join a group where at least one of the members already lives in your desired building. Current residents receive first choice in their respective building. 
  • Make sure that at least one of your group members has a high number of credits earned. The more credits you have earned, the earlier your sign-up time will be. If you are a first year student (rising Sophomore), remember that your chances to get a single in a suite will be lower than other students with more credits.  
  • If you are aiming for a suite building, remember that those fill up quickly. Make sure to have a plan B!

Room selection works very similarly to your class selection process. At your specific sign-up timeslot, you login to the housing application and you get to choose from whatever room spaces are available at that time. There is a possibility that the space or hall you wanted might not be available.

Since sign-up times are based on the amount of credits earned, people with higher credits will select their room spaces first. Highly desirable halls and room types fill quickly.  It can be hard for a first year group of students to get a suite building (without being pulled in by current residents), although it happens! We often suggest that the best way to get a space in your desired hall is by being pulled in by current residents who are looking to fill their suites.

Another important tip is to have multiple backup plans. If you don't get the space you really want, what's your backup? It's important to think in advance so you aren't scurrying to create a plan at the last minute. Save yourself from the stress!

No. If you select a room during the In-Hall Process, you will no longer have a sign-up time for the Between-Hall Process. If you make a mistake and select at in-hall, you'll have to call Housing at (603) 862-2121 and we can reset you or your group for a different space on-campus.

If you think for any reason that you may need to stay on-campus during the Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Breaks next year, you must choose a room in a Vacation Housing Hall.  Here is a complete list of those halls.

No deposit is required in order to select a space. Instead, you'll be agreeing to a cancellation fee on your application. When you select a space, you are committing to live in on-campus housing for the academic year. If you cancel your assignment and choose not to live on-campus, you will be subject to the cancellation charge fee in the Room and Board Agreement

Forming a group

Yes. You make a group, and you’ll be a group of one!

It depends.

  • The transfer student must be accepted and committed through the Admissions Office in order to be eligible to participate. If they're not sure, have the transfer student call Admissions at (603) 862-1360 or email If they are accepted then they can fill up a housing application on our portal and join your group. 
  • If the student living off-campus is an active student, they should have no trouble re-applying through our portal and joining the group. If they run into trouble, have them call Housing at (603) 862-2120 so we can help troubleshoot. Pulled-In students cannot participate as a "group of one" and select a single room in a hall. They can only be pulled into a group.

Any student who does not have roommate(s) in mind to live with may find suggested roommates on the application process. Your "Roommate Matching Questions" will help you find a fellow student with similar life-styles by matching you with a percentage. Before the application closes, you can look at student's profile and even send them a message!

Alternatively, students seeking other students to live with next year should use social media resources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to find potential roommates. 

The group captain can disband the group, or transfer captainship, by revisiting that step of the housing application. An individual can remove themselves from the group also by revisiting the application. A new group can then be made. The group captain must "verify" the group once it's set - that's an important step prior to being able to participate in room selection.

NOTE: Any time a change is made to the group, the captain must re-verify.

After submitting your application...

No. Sign-up times are randomly generated and randomly assigned based on the amount of credits earned.

Call Housing at (603) 862-2120, or email, or email Jody Duval directly at

Suite Selection

Mills Hall

Mills Suite Types Total of Suite Types in Building
2 Doubles and 3 Singles (7 residents) 4
2 Doubles  (4 residents) 18
3 Doubles and 2 Singles (8 residents) 26
2 Doubles and 1 Single (5 residents) 13

Handler Hall

Handler Room Types Total of Room Types in Building
Traditional Double  32
Traditional Single 4
Suite (2 Doubles) 41
Suite (2 Doubles and 2 Singles) 8

Haaland Hall

Haaland Room Types Total of Room Types in Building
Traditional Double  28
Traditional Single 8
Suite (2 Doubles) 41

Peterson Hall

Peterson Room Types Total of Room Types in Building
Traditional Doubles  32
Traditional Singles 8
Suite (2 Doubles) 24
Suite (2 Doubles and 2 Singles) 5

No. In order to select a suite space you must have the correct amount of occupants. There must be one person per bed. 


You can log back in to the housing application on your portal and view your sign-up time for the upcoming process. Your timeslot is issued based on current credits. The more credits you have, the earlier your sign up time. Students with the same amount of credits are then randomized for times. The group's timeslot is based on the group member with the most credits. 

You can pick a space  from the moment your sign-up timeslot opens until the end of that day. If you are unavailable during the entry period, you can transfer the group captainship to another group member who would be available during the initial timeslot.

Remember, the earlier in the sign-up period you are able to select a space, the more choices you will have, but don't panic, there are always enough spaces to choose from during the online sign-up.

After selecting a space for next academic year...

Please send an email to  Be sure to give us up to three (3) different room types and/or building locations.  Also include a cellphone number so we can stay in touch!  We work with students on the "wishlists" over the remainder of the semester and throughout the summer to get them into more desired spaces.

Once you commit to housing (by selecting a space in the housing application), you are bound to the terms of the Room and Board Agreement. You can, of course, terminate your housing application before you select a space.  Just remember, you are subject to the terms of the cancellation charge schedule if you cancel your housing once selected.

We think it's important you know this. That's why we highlight the information within your application before you commit. Make sure to read the information thoroughly! 

Call Housing right away at (603) 862-2120. We are open between 8:00AM and 4:30PM.