On-Campus Apartment Selection Process



Interested in living in the on-campus apartments for 2023-2024?



  1. Complete the housing application before the deadline
  2. Form your apartment group
  3. Have the group captain select your group's space


Check out the application's timeline:

  • Friday, October 14: On-Campus Apartment's Application Opens
  • Monday, October 31: On-Campus Apartment's Application Closes


  • Monday, October 31: Timeslots are distributed for returning apartment residents in the evening
  • Wednesday, November 2 – Sunday, November 6: Returners can select an apartment if their group can fully fill the space
  • Tuesday, November 8 – Wednesday, November 9: Returners whose group cannot fully fill an apartment will be placed by the Housing Assignment Team


  • Thursday, November 10: Timeslots are distributed for residence hall residents in the evening
  • Tuesday, November 15 – Wednesday, November 16: Students can select an apartment if their group can fully fill the space
  • Thursday, November 17: Individual applicants or partial groups will be placed by the Housing Assignment Team, if spaces are available


What's your status?


Apartment Selection Process for On-Campus Apartment Residents: 

  • Complete a Housing Application online for 2023-2024 between Friday, October 14 to Monday, October 31.
  • Create a group that fills every space in the apartment you want while the application is still open. 
  • Get your sign-up timeslot by visiting the portal on the evening of Monday, October 31.
  • If your group completely fills a space, pick your apartment during your timeslot on Wednesday, November 2.
    • After your timeslot, you have until Sunday, November 6 to go into the portal and select a space. 
  • Between Tuesday, November 8 and Wednesday, November 9, the Assignment's team will place applicants whose team cannot fully fill an apartment.

Apartment Selection Process for Residence Hall Residents: 

  • Complete a Housing Application online for 2023-2024 between Friday, October 14 to Monday, October 31.
  • Create a group that fills the apartment you want while the application is still open. 
  • Get your sign-up timeslot in the portal on the evening of Thursday, November 10.
  • Pick your space during your timeslot between Tuesday, November 15 and Wednesday, November 16.
  • On Thursday, November 17, residence hall residents can partially fill apartments, if available.

Students living off-campus are able to join a group and participate in the apartment selection process. However, off-campus students cannot be the captain of their group and at least one person in their group must currently be an on-campus resident.

If you are not part of a group and would like to live in the on-campus apartments for the 2023-2024 academic year, please complete an On-Campus Housing Request at the beginning of March to be considered. 


  • If you are not a resident of the on-campus apartments during the Selection Process, join a group where at least one of the members already lives in Gables or Woodside. Current residents receive first choice in their respective building. 
  • Make sure that at least one of your group members has a high number of credits earned.
  • Keep in mind that 6 person apartments at Gables and 4 person apartments at Woodside are the most available spaces. If you aim for those, your chances will be higher!
    • Check our table on the drop-down below for more information on what type of apartments are available on-campus.

On-Campus Apartment spaces fill up quickly. Be prepared and have a plan B for other spaces on campus. The application for Residence Halls opens on early Spring! 


Apartment Types A B C North South Total
6 person (3 doubles) 28 26 28 0 0 82
5 person (2 doubles + 1single) 2 3 2 7 6 20
5 person (1 double + 3 singles) 0 0 0 4 5 9
4 person (2 doubles) 5 2 5 0 0 12
4 person (4 singles) 0 0 0 13 17 30
4 person (1 double + 2 singles) 0 0 0 13 24 37
3 person (3 singles) 0 0 0 2 1 3
3 person (1single + 1 double) 0 0 0 0 4




Apartment Types  Woodside Apartments
4 person (2 doubles) 98

Here is how our population generally breaks down:

  • The majority of 3, 4 and 5 person apartments at Gables are occupied by Juniors.
  • The majority of 6 person apartments at Gables are occupied by Sophomores. 
  • The majority of 4 person Woodside apartments are occupied by Sophomores.

And here is the breakdown of apartments per enrollment class for 22-23:

Gables Doubles 37% Sophomore 29% Junior 26% Senior 8% other
Gables Singles 5% Sophomore 33% Junior 56% Senior 6% other
Woodside Doubles 30% Sophomore 39% Junior 12% Senior 19% other

If you do not have a full group to fill all the spaces in your desired apartment but are still hoping to return to Gables or Woodside, our apartment selection process will allow you to complete the application, form your group (even if it's a group of one!). Once the application is completed, all you have to do is wait to be placed after the self-selection process. The Assignments Coordinator for Apartments will work to manually assign you to an apartment space with other partial groups. Even if you don't have a full group, there's a great opportunity for you to to get a wonderful placement in the on-campus apartments. Don't forget, we prioritize returners!

  • Your sign up time is issued based on current earned credits. The more credits you have earned, the earlier your sign-up time will be. If you are a first year student (rising Sophomore), remember that your chances to get a single in the apartments will be lower than other students with more credits.  
  • If you currently live in the on-campus apartments and don't have a group that fills your desired apartment type, you can still apply. The Assignments Coordinator for Apartments will work with all apartment returners applying individually or with a partial group to consolidate and fill apartments. This will happen before applicants from the Residence Halls get to select apartments. Please understand that not all apartment types or room types will be available.

The similarity in cost may surprise you! Per semester, a traditional residence hall double plus the core meal plan actually costs a little bit more than a double room in a 6-person Gables apartment and the largest swipe meal plan! If you would rather do more of your own cooking, meal plans are optional for apartment residents. Add in free break housing and the savings go up.

Room Type Academic Year Rate Per Year
3, 4 and 5 Person Apartment Double 2022-2023 $9,298
6 Person Apartment Double 2022-2023 $8,860
Apartment Single 2022-2023 $9,694

Yes! Apartments can be co-ed but bedrooms are not. Your direct roommate (the one you share a bedroom with) would have to share the same gender you identify as. However, you may choose to share a room with someone of any gender identity that is most comfortable and appropriate to their own identity if you opt for Gender Inclusive Housing on the application. Learn more here

Yes! They remain open during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks at no additional cost! You are free to come and go as you please during those break periods.

No, you shouldn't! The best course of action is to start as early as possible and get your group together. Form your housing group early! That way you are prepared for the selection process when it begins.

You’ll be automatically added to our apartment waitlist, as we will be able to see that you filed your housing applications and formed a group online. We will call your group leader if spaces open for your group members at Gables or Woodside. Every year we are able to accommodate a number of groups from the apartment waitlist, so stay positive! Additionally, if you have any specific questions or requests about your apartment assignment or your hope to live at Gables or Woodside next year, contact housing.office@unh.edu.

Also don’t forget that we offer the opportunity for you to participate in Block Housing which gives groups of 6-12 friends the opportunity to select a block of rooms together in specific residence halls.

Any student participating in the Apartment Selection Process agrees that they are NOT a "placeholder” for a different student – they fully intend to live at Gables or Woodside for the academic year and are bound by all terms of the Room & Board Agreement, including the Cancellation Charge Schedule.