Assistant Hall Directors


The AHD position is a crucial part of our Residential Life system, in the four large halls Christensen, Williamson, Stoke, and Upper Quad. The AHDs assist the RHD with RA supervision, advising the hall council, staff training, student contact, and administrative responsibilities. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking into the Student Affairs field or just looking to increase their leadership skills.

Salary and Benefits

This 20 hour/week, non-benefits job currently runs from mid-August (date yet to be determined) to a few days after closing in May and includes:

  • Furnished apartment for the contract period
  • Meal plan when dining halls are open
  • Stipend of $3,500 with no University benefits, to be paid throughout the course of the year

The AHDs gain valuable leadership and supervision skills that would be a great asset for heading out into the job market or continuing on to graduate school.

Who Can Apply?

Ideally, candidates for the AHD position would be entering their senior year at UNH and will have completed one or two years of the RA job. But anyone is encouraged to apply. This position is not available to graduate students.

"The AHD Position is a great opportunity to continue to develop your leadership skills and contribute in a positive way to enriching one of our four largest residential communities on campus. We hope you'll apply!" - Ruth Abelmann, Acting Director, Residential Life


Thanks for your interest in the Assistant Hall Director Position. Applications are due on December 2nd. Below is what you need to know about the process.

  1. There will be an information session on Tuesday, November 12 at 5 PM. This is optional. The current AHDs will be sharing their experiences and be available to answer your questions.
  2. Please follow this link to complete your applications by December 2nd at noon. ( 
  3. We are asking for a reference from a current or past RHD supervisor. References need to completed no later than December 2 at noon. References can find the reference form here:

    4. We will be notifying applicants by Tuesday, December 10 if you are being passed on to the interview phase of the process.

    5. Interviews will be taking place on Friday, January 17th. Hiring decisions will be communicated on January 22nd.

If you have any questions about the process please reach out to Joey Hitchcock at


  1. Fulfill your 20 hours per week requirement.  Prioritize your tasks and balance your time. 
  2. Meet with your supervisor one-on-one each week to discuss any concerns, RA supervision, Hall Council, and other issues.
  3. Attend centralized AHD training sessions.
  4. Talk with your RHD about what role you wish to take, how you can challenge yourself in your AHD position, and how you can create the type of experience you really want.
  5. Complete all tasks in a timely manner.  Meet expectations and perform at a high level.
  6. Be available and visible for your RAs and students. 
  7. Remember that academics take first priority.  Maintain your academic success!
  8. Always keep in mind the four educational focus areas (inclusion and equity, health and wellness, academics and career, and involvement and leadership) when working with students and programming.
  9. Maintain a positive attitude. 
  10. Be supportive of the staff.
  11. Maintain confidentiality where necessary.
  12. Be honest.  If you have an issue or concern with something that has been done or said in your hall or in the department, please talk with your supervisor or a central staff person about it! 
  13. Talk with your RHD about what you expect from them as a supervisor.
  14. Have FUN and maintain a sense of humor!

RA Supervision

  1. Supervise four RAs in daily tasks as well as their overall development in the RA position. 
  2. Hold staff accountable for behavior and for meeting expectations.  Document situations in which RAs do not meet expectations.
  3. Evaluate RAs both formal and informal throughout the year. 
  4. Schedule bi-weekly or weekly (depending on what you and your supervisor decide) meetings with RAs.
  5. Keep your RHD informed on daily/weekly happenings of your RAs.
  6. Attend a portion of the social and educational programs/activities on the floors of RAs you supervise in order to observe them in action and be supportive of their efforts.

Staff Enrichments

  1. Assist with staff training.
  2. Help to facilitate team building staff enrichment for staff meeting and during staff training. 
  3. Present and facilitate staff enrichments around educational topic areas a few times a semester.

Individual contact with residents

  1. Assist RAs in meeting expectations in this area.
  2. Be familiar with students on the floors of the RA’s you supervise, particularly those that have been identified as high risk (struggling to make the transition to college, roommate conflicts, struggling academically etc.)
  3. Walk the floors of RAs you supervise at least once a week.

Curriculum Programming/Community Development

  1. Assist RAs in meeting expectations in this area.
  2. Assess hall and floor needs with your RA staff.
  3. Oversee/Assist in the planning of weekly socials by your RA staff.
  4. Encourage high-quality passive programming efforts of your RAs (e.g., bulletin boards, getting information for newsletter)
  5. Evaluate programming efforts and initiatives of your RAs.  Hold RAs accountable for programming expectations that have been set by the Hall Director. 
  6. Assist in the implementation of hall events.
  7. Be present at hall programs.

Hall Council

  1. Meet with Hall Council officers weekly.
  2. Attend all Hall Council Meetings.
  3. Assist with the planning of Hall Council events.  Attend all events.
  4. Assess training needs of the Hall Council.  Establish training if needed.
  5. Provide leadership skills for Hall Council.
  6. Oversee the budget of Hall Council.
  7. Encourage and motivate Hall Council to plan at least one event each month.
  8. Be prepared to discuss Hall Council with your RHD during one on ones.
  9. Make sure that Hall Council adheres to all policies and procedures set forth by the MUB and by Residential Life.
  10. Oversee Hall Council officers attend all mandatory MUB meetings as it pertains to the recognition of hall council.


  1. Assist RAs with confronting situations and documenting incidents.
  2. Confront policy violations you become aware of.
  3. Adjudicate minor conduct situations as assigned by your RHD.
  4. AHDs may be expected to devote up to 5 hours a week toward conduct as needed.


  1. Assist with check in and check out of residents as well as regular closings and openings throughout the year.  Be prepared to arrive early and stay late during breaks.
  2. Assist RA staff with entering all facilities concerns into online systems
  3. Assist RHD with maintaining records of facilities concerns and contact with HF&O.
  4. Assist with the Room Selection Process.
  5. Assist the promotion, recruitment, and supervision of Wildcat Welcoming Crew.
  6. Assist with the development of the Newsletter.  Provide information to be included in twice a month, particularly Hall Council information.
  7. Schedule and update RA Duty.
  8. Participate in online training
  9. Report all crimes immediately to the police as required by the Clery Act.

Team Membership

  1. Behave in an ethical and professional manner.
  2. Respond effectively to feedback.
  3. Attending all AHD Trainings are mandatory. 
  4. Demonstrate an active commitment to group processing.
  5. Offer meaningful feedback to peers in group settings.
  6. Offer support to team members when appropriate.