Nathaniel Nichols '22

CEPS: Chemical Engineering
Nathaniel Nichols HoH

Nathaniel Nichols may joke that his biggest struggle is remembering to carry a mask around campus with him, but he is no stranger when it comes to stress; applying to grad schools on top of multiple fellowships has kept his plate full, especially coming out of a pandemic. The prospects of traveling to Denmark to visit family is keeping him motivated in his final year here at UNH as a chemical engineering major.

            Despite his main love being chemistry and math, being a part of the honors program has allowed him to take classes outside of his normal STEM realm. His favorite course was the anthropology course called “Saving Culture” taught by Dr. Svetlana Peshkova because it was an engaging class with a small number of students that opened his eyes to ancient history. With his multi-disciplinary passion for learning and involvement within the honors program over his time in college, there is no doubt Nathaniel is off to great things in the next step of his educational journey.

Quick Facts about Nathaniel:

Favorite Restaurant in Durham: Big Bean

Best Dining hall: Philly

Surprise Talent: Eating large amounts of food quickly

Pet Peeve: 8am classes

Favorite college experience: Tailgating at Boulder Field for homecoming my sophomore year of college fall of 2019