CEPS: Bioengineering
Mrinal Ganash

Mrinal Ganash, a senior bioengineering student is busy! As he completes his final year at UNH, he is also applying to grad schools to reach his goal of joining a PhD program to become a successful scientist.

Choosing UNH was an easy decision for Mrinal as he lives in Portsmouth, within commuting distance. While he may call the Port city his home now, he is originally from India, and only moved to the States six years ago after his father’s job transfer. Mrinal reminisces about his childhood spent outside playing soccer or cricket with his close-knit group of neighborhood friends, taking solace in their company and ability to bond over the show Ancient Aliens! It is Mrinal’s hope to travel to India soon to reconnect with them.

Pursing the Honors Program’s Interdisciplinary track has allowed Mrinal to meet fellow students passionate about learning in a small classroom setting. He finds it difficult to not be in control of everything and because he has high standards for himself- as most Honors Students do-and he often worries about the future. Surrounding himself with students he can relate to within the program has helped to ease his anxiety and Mrinal jokes that the stir-fry bar in Philbrook has gotten him through tough times as well!