COLA: Political Science
Marina Cardoso-Vianna-Vaz


Introducing Marina Cardoso-Vianna-Vaz!

Hometown: Lebanon, NH

Graduation: Undergrad – May 2021; Masters- May 2022

Like many high schoolers, Marina had no idea what she wanted to study in college, but knew she was looking for a program that would allow her to explore and follow her interests.

After growing up in Brazil, coming to UNH and being suddenly immersed in American culture might have been a shock for her, but, instead, it added another dimension to her perspective on international affairs and propelled her to land internships in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors.

Her involvement in the B impact clinic through the Changemaker Collaborative—a program in which students to serve as consultants for private companies looking to certify their B Corp status—helped Marina gain real world experience.

Marina also decided to add a minor in German! Her entire family is fluent in at least three languages, and the new language came naturally. Though the pandemic halted her plans to study abroad, she still aspires to learn about Germany’s sustainable practices one day!

Like many Honors Students, Marina has found it mentally difficult to take a break from schoolwork, especially with her vast array of interests and involvements. Her newest self-care practice includes becoming a proud plant parent. She and her roommates have amassed quite the plant collection with entire windowsills dedicated to her cuttings!


Quick facts about Marina:

Biggest pet peeve?

Mixing sweet and savory flavors, especially when I’m not expecting something to be sweet.

Favorite part of the Honors Program?

“I really loved the discussion-based format of the Honors courses I took, as it really allowed students to take the lead and exposed everyone to perspectives other than their own. “

Favorite Honors course?

Prof. Gaudet’s Narratives of Addiction

Best restaurant in Durham?

Bamee! So many things on their menu look amazing, but I love their crispy chicken Gra Prao and end up ordering that every time.

Future plans?

One-year Masters in Political Science at UNH and continued work as a research assistant for UNH and Plymouth State professors