CEPS: Chemical Engineering
Katherine Metzger


Humans of Honors introduces the talented Katherine Metzger!

Spending hours on Zoom for class may be the new normal, but Katherine has found other creative outlets to spend her free time away from the screen. While she admits that she needs to enlist the help of her roommates reminding her to take a break from her course load and work schedule, she still finds the time to be crafty, knitting baby socks for her baby cousins. She has even taught herself to make scarves, headbands, and an entire cross-stitched tapestry. Like the rest of us, post-pandemic Katherine is looking forward to seeing her extended family!

Katherine is a chemical engineering major and says her most influential experience thus far at UNH has been conducting research on the production of hydrogen through the photocatalysis of glycerol with her mentor Dr. Yi! She met him during her first semester lecture course and set up a meeting with him to learn about his concentration. Since then she has joined his lab and participated in REAP.

Fun facts about Katherine:

Her favorite mug has a collection of fantasy books on it!

Biggest pet peeve:

Not having coffee in the morning

Favorite Honors course:

What is A Criminal with Professor Kate Gaudet

Reason for choosing UNH:

“I didn’t expect to come to UNH. Both my parents came to UNH – that’s where they met. It was not until the college tour and the acceptance day where I realized how much I enjoyed the campus, the community and the research opportunities.”