Jackie Harris

Pursuing a dual major is no easy task, but with Jackie Harris’ determination, she can accomplish just about anything she sets her mind to! 

Although she started college with a STEM major, Earth Sciences, she felt like something was missing from her education and contemplated switching majors multiple times; her family, friends, and advisors would have supported this choice, but ultimately, taking on a second major was the best decision for her. “People were right when they said study what you're passionate about." The Honors Program was instrumental in helping Jackie discover her passion. 

“I've loved all of my Honors courses so far, so it is hard picking a favorite! I really loved Seeing Gender in Art (ARTH 444) with professor Hyewon Yoon,” said Harris. Jackie identified the experience of learning how to analyze and appreciate feminist qualities in artwork as a moment of personal growth. She decided to pursue a second major in Women's and Gender Studies.

With a multitude of interests ranging from the environment to equality, Jackie hopes to eventually pursue a career either in sustainability or social justice. 

 Fun Facts about Jackie:

Favorite place to eat in Durham?


Favorite “moment” or experience at college

“My freshman year, my friend and I walked through College Woods and took photos of the foliage and of each other. They came out really great because the foliage was so beautiful.”

What are you looking forward to most post-pandemic?

BINGO with my friends

Surprise skill or talent?

Walking on my hands while in a handstand 

Biggest pet peeve?

Loud chewing