CEPS: Bioengineering
Eli Duggan


Introducing Eli Duggan!

Eli always knew he was passionate about science and design, but had to decide which path to pursue in his research. During his freshman year, after reading through the Chemical Engineering department website, he reached out to several faculty members to discuss their projects and shortly after began working under Dr. Young Jo Kim. Eli decided to apply for a REAP to fund his research. He advises students looking to get involved in a lab not to be afraid to reach out because professors understand that undergraduate students need training.

Eli reminisces about the time his indoor soccer team won the B-bracket intramural championships mere days before campus shut down due to the Pandemic. He is looking forward to when he can play pickup with strangers again!

When asked about something he struggles with, Eli responded that he sometimes struggles with imposter syndrome where he, “will oftentimes feel like [he] is 'faking' his way through successes, and that he will eventually be proven...[un]worthy of them.” However, he is supported and affirmed by the many faculty mentors and friends who have helped him achieve his goals.

Quick Facts about Eli

Biggest Pet Peeve?

When people chew with their mouth open!

Favorite Honors course?

Theatre and Social Justice (THDA 440) with Professor David Richman

Favorite part of the Honors Program?

Exposure to fellow students who are intellectually curious

Why did you choose UNH?

Faculty members are very receptive to my questions and seem like they genuinely care about my success and growth throughout my years here. As a runner and hiker, I also appreciated the abundance of nearby trails and proximity to the White Mountains!

Favorite place to eat in Durham?

Thai Smile 2 or the quinoa bowls from The Works.

Hidden Talent?

Singing and playing guitar