Scholarships and Awards

Student holds award

UNH Merit Scholarships

Students who are admitted into the University Honors Program usually receive merit scholarships from UNH. Honors Program admission does not in itself carry a scholarship, but the admission criteria match those for the Presidential Scholarship. (Some recipients of the Deans Scholarship are also invited to join the Honors Program.)  Incoming Honors students are also considered for The Governors Success Scholarship and the Hamel Scholarship.


Scholarships Awarded Annually

The Honors Program administers several scholarships endowed by generous donors. Qualifying Honors students are invited to apply for these awards each spring. Scholarships for 2016-2017 have been awarded. The application process for 2017-2018 is currently underway. Eligible students (members of the University Honors Program who are at least in their second year of college) have been contacted with application instructions. Awards will be made in mid-April.

  • Martin Levins '54 Endowment
    • for out-of-state students
  • Class of '33 Endowment
    • for NH residents
  • Temple Beth Israel Scholarship
    • for students of at least sophomore status who are active participants in, or satisfy the membership requirements of, the University Student Organization Hillel. Student must have financial need.
  • Holly Peterson Breeden '73 Scholarship Fund
    • For College of Liberal Arts students with financial need
  • Hamel Scholarship
    • For rising Juniors with records of exceptional service, leadership, and academic achievement. Recipients participate in the Hamel Scholar Program.
  • Bill and Becky McGee Endowed Scholarship
    • for residents of New Hampshire and Maine who have made contributions to the University Honors Program and its community
  • Edna O. Brown Fund
    • for students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Cogwell Scholarship
    • for students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Harry Evans Scholarship
    • for students with outstanding academic achievement
  • Class of '31 Merit Scholarship
    • for students with outstanding academic achievement

Research Awards

Many Honors students apply for and receive research funding from the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. The Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP) is a special research opportunity for Honors students. This year's recipients and their research projects are listed here.

University Awards

Each year many Honors students are nominated for University-wide student awards. 


The Honors Program works with the Office of National Fellowships to help students apply for prestigious national awards.