Requirements & Contacts

Requirements for Departmental Honors  vary by department. Find out what yours are by clicking on your major below.

Each major has an Honors Liaison, who is responsible for overseeing Honors students. This person will sign off on course designations and program completion.


Major Requirements Contact
Chemical Engineering Russell Carr - Kingsbury Hall W301A
Chemistry TBD: please contact 
Civil Engineering Jennifer Jacobs - Gregg Hall 240
Computer Science Arvind Narayan - Kingsbury Hall W239
Earth Sciences Jo Laird - James Hall 214 (Dept. Office)
Earth/ENSC: Hydrology Michael Palace - James Hall 214 (Dept. Office)
Electrical & Computer Engineering  Andrew Kun - Kingsbury Hall W219
Environmental Engineering: Municipal Processes Kevin Gardner - Gregg Hall 336
Environmental Engineering: Industrial Processes Russell Carr - Kingsbury Hall W301A
Information Technology Arvind Narayan - Kingsbury Hall W239
Mathematics David Feldman - Kingsbury Hall W333
Mechanical Engineering Rob Swift - Kingsbury Hall W115
Ocean Engineering Rob Swift - Kingsbury Hall W115
Physics Joseph Dwyer - Morse Hall 309
Contact Katie Makem-Boucher - DeMeritt Hall 237A
Major Requirements Contact

Casey Golomski - Huddleston Hall 308

Studio Art and Art History Jennifer Moses - Paul Creative Arts Center A201 and A 306
Classics Harriet Fertik - Murkland Hall 355
Communication Nora Draper - Horton Social Sciences Center 112 (Dept Office)
English Delia Konzett - Hamilton Smith Hall G03

Nadine Berenguier - Murkland Hall 210K

Ileana Chirila - Murkland Hall 210B

Geography Tu Lan - Huddleston Hall 102
German Ed Larkin - Murkland Hall 210C

Elizabeth Mellyn - Horton Social Sciences Center 407

Humanities Nicole Ruane - Murkland Hall 315
Italian Studies Anna Wainwright - Murkland Hall 316
Linguistics Rochelle Lieber - Hamilton Smith Hall 149P
Music/Music Education Rob Haskins - Paul Creative Arts Center M105
Neuroscience and Behavior Jill McGaughy - McConnell Hall 404F
Philosophy Subrena Smith - Hamilton Smith Hall 249T
Political Science

Susan Siggelakis Horton Social Science Center 
Contact Marcie Anderson - Horton Social Sciences Center 312 (Dept. Office)

Psychology Pablo Chavajay - McConnell Hall 436
Contact Susan Moore - McConnell Hall 438 (Dept. Office)
Russian Arna Bronstein - Murkland Hall G10H

Catherine Moran - McConnell Hall 330B

Contact Cammi Wagner- McConnell Hall 303 (Dept. Office)

Spanish Scott Weintraub - Murkland Hall 210F
Theater and Dance Assaf Benchetrit - Paul Creative Arts Center M311
Women's Studies Delia Konzett - Hamilton Smith G03
Major Requirements Contact
Communication Sciences and Disorders  Amy Ramage - Hewitt Hall 157
Family Studies Kim Nesbitt - Hewitt Hall
Health Management & Policy Semra Aytur - Hewitt Hall
Nursing Gene Harkless- Hewitt Hall
Occupational Therapy Sarah Smith - Hewitt Hall 117
Kinesiology: Athletic Training Brent Bell - New Hampshire Hall 107 (Dept. Office)
Kinesiology: Exercise Science Brent Bell - New Hampshire Hall 107 (Dept. Office)
Kinesiology: Outdoor Education Brent Bell -New Hampshire Hall 107 (Dept. Office)
Kinesiology: PhysEd Pedagogy Brent Bell - New Hampshire Hall 107 (Dept. Office)
Kinesiology: Sports Studies Brent Bell - New Hampshire Hall 107 (Dept. Office)
Recreation Management and Policy: Program and Event Management Jessie Bennett - Hewitt  Hall 306B
Recreation Management and Policy: Therapeutic Recreation

Jessie Bennett - Hewitt Hall 306B

Social Work Kathryne Brewer - Pettee Hall 119A
Major Requirements Contacts

Animal Science

Vanessa Grunkemeyer - Kendall 111

Contact: Amy Parker - Kendall 224 (Dept. Office)

Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Sarah Walker  - Rudman Hall 185
Contact Cyndi Smith - Rudman Hall 106 
Biology Donald Chandler - Spaulding Hall 266
Biomedical Sciences Sherine Elsawa - Rudman Hall 291
Community and Environmental Planning Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156
Dairy Management Pete Erickson - (Animal Science Office Kendall Hall 407)
Environmental and Resource Economics Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156
Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156

Environmental Sciences Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156
Equine Studies Sarah Rigg - 278 Mast Rd Ext.
Forestry Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156

Estelle Hrabak - Rudman Hall 105

Contact Cyndi Smith - Rudman Hall 106

Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology Larry Harris - Spaulding Hall 149A
Neuroscience and Behavior Leslie Curren - Spaulding Hall 254
Nutrition Jesse Morrell - Kendall Hall 115
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Alberto Manalo - James Hall 126

Contact Amy Parker - Kendall 224 (Dept. Office)

Wildlife and Conservation Biology Jennifer Purrenhage - James Hall 156
Zoology Jim Haney - Spaulding Hall 122
Major Requirements Contacts
Business Administration Shane Baker  - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101
Economics Shane Baker  - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101
Hospitality Management Shane Baker  - Paul College, Undergraduate Advising Office - 101