Registration for Honors Discovery Courses

Honors Discovery Courses

Members of the University Honors Program can register for Honors Discovery courses in the same way they register for other courses. A few Honors Discovery courses are administered outside of the Honors Program. For the Studio Math/Physics sequence (Math 425-6/Phys 407-8), students should contact the CEPS Deans office.  Students who are not members of the Honors Program but wish to take an Honors course should contact to request permission. 

Browse SPRING 2021 Honors Discovery Courses

Please note that the linked list does not include ENGL 502H, Technical Writing, which will fulfill an Honors Discovery requirement. It is also a required course for several majors and a Writing Intensive course, but does not fulfill any of the Discovery category requirements.

Spring 2021 Seminars and Symposia


Honors in Major Courses

Most Honors in Major courses use the Honors Course Designation process. Course designation forms are due by the second week of the semester. For upper-level honors courses (e.g. GEN 604), go to the department (e.g. Genetics) for permission before registering. You can contact Cyndi Smith in the MCBS Dept at about GEN 604.



Make an appointment at your convenience via myWildcat Success, available at Each member of the Honors Program is assigned an Honors advisor, but you may meet with anyone who has time available.