Interdisciplinary Honors

All University Honors Program students begin by completing with 16 credits in Honors in Discovery. Students entering in the Fall of 2016 will have two choices for completing the program. They may complete 16-20 credits of Honors in Major work, or they may complete four high-impact experiences to earn Interdisciplinary Honors. Interdisciplinary Honors recognizes students who seek academic experiences that extend beyond their course curricula.

Please note that Interdisciplinary Honors is not available to students who entered UNH before the Fall of 2016.

To complete Interdisciplinary Honors, students must complete three experiences from a menu of high-impact offerings, as well as a thesis.

At least one experience must be interdisciplinary. An interdisciplinary experience is defined as one that requires the use of two or more disciplines in order to produce a specifically interdisciplinary product or understanding. In other words, the interdisciplinary experience allows for new ideas, questions, products, or solutions that would not have emerged within a single discipline.

Approved high-impact experiences that count toward Interdisciplinary Honors include:

Students should consult with Honors Program advisors before the beginning of Junior year to decide which track they will pursue.