Interdisciplinary Honors

Students entering in the Fall of 2016 or later have a second option for completing University Honors. Students can complete the Discovery portion of the Program plus the Interdisciplinary track, described here, to complete University Interdisciplinary Honors,  ins lieu of the Departmental Honors portion of the Program. The Interdisciplinary track includes 4 Honors discovery courses, and then three approved high-impact experiences as well as a thesis. Interdisciplinary Honors recognizes students who seek academic experiences that extend beyond their course curricula. At least one experience must engage two or more disciplines in order to generate ideas, questions, products, or solutions that would be unlikely to emerge within a single discipline.

Approved high-impact experiences that count toward Interdisciplinary Honors include:

Other high-impact experiences

We encourage students to be creative in designing their high-impact experiences. By submitting a proposal, students may have experiences not on the above list approved to count toward Interdisciplinary Honors.

Experiences such as the Winant Fellowship, internships, or service experiences can be approved if they include regular meetings with a UNH faculty member to situate the experience in academic context. 

In order to be approved, these experiences must be shown to:

  1. Contribute to a student’s academic development (in addition to career preparation or other benefits to be gained from the experience)
  2. Be overseen by a UNH faculty or staff member to whom the student is accountable
  3. Be comparable in scale and time commitment to the above pre-approved experiences

Some examples that would require a proposal include but are not limited to:

  • Work with fellow students and faculty to address a community problem
  • Service experiences with an academic focus
  • Internships that advance both academic and professional development
  • Participation in the National Student Exchange
  • Experiences abroad of less than 8 weeks
  • Grants or fellowships not listed on the pre-approved fellowships list
  • Extensive and/or successful participation in competitions such as the Social Venture Innovation Challenge

The Honors Thesis

Students traditionally complete an Honors Thesis in their major. Students wishing to complete an interdisciplinary thesis (bridging multiple fields of study) should meet with an Honors advisor well before beginning the project. 


​Students should consult with Honors Program advisors before the beginning of Junior year to decide which track they will pursue. There will be a meeting for students in the spring of their sophomore year to get more information, and students must officially notify staff via a form on Canvas of their intention to pursue the Interdisciplinary track early in the Fall of their Junior year.