How to Register for Honors Discovery Courses

Honors Discovery courses are restricted to Honors students. In order to register, students must first be added to a permission table by Honors Program staff. This process is called “Preregistration.” It takes place before registration begins, in November (for Spring classes) and in April (for Fall classes). Honors students receive an email informing them of when Preregistration opens. On 7 AM on that day, an online form is made available for students to select courses, which are available on a first-come/first-served basis. A student’s RAC number does not affect his ability to sign up for Honors courses. After filling out the online form, the student will receive an email from Honors staff confirming her preregistration or informing her that the class she requested is full.

Once a student has preregistered for an Honors course, his space is in the course is reserved until he can register during his RAC window. In some cases, a student is planning on taking more than 18 credits, so cannot register for all courses until the beginning of the semester; if she indicates this on the preregistration form, the seat will be reserved until she can register during the Add/Drop period. Otherwise, students who do not register will be dropped from preregistration lists after the registration period closes.

To make changes to Honors preregistration or registration, students should contact the Honors office to obtain the necessary permissions. Students are requested to inform the Honors office if they decide not to take a course that they have preregistered for, in order that the seat may be made available for other students.

Because some seats may be reserved for fifth-class students or for other groups (such as incoming Freshmen), the closed course list and the enrollment numbers on the UNH course search may not accurately show whether there is space available in a given course. Students should contact the Honors office for the most current information.

A few Honors Discovery courses, and all Honors in Major courses, are administered outside of the Honors Program. Students should contact their departments for information about Honors in Major courses. For the Studio Math/Physics sequence (Math 425-6/Phys 407-8), students should contact the CEPS Deans office. For Honors Genetics (604), students should contact the Genetics program.