Honors Program Forms

Course Designation Form: To convert a regular course into an Honors course. Requires the signatures of the student and professor, plus the Honors Liaison (for Honors in Major courses) or the Honors Program (for Honors in Discovery courses). Due to the Registrar by the second Friday of the semester (add Deadline). See also: Designating a Course as Honors

Certification of Completion Form: For graduating seniors, to establish that all requirements for Honors in Major or Interdisciplinary Honors have been met. Must be submitted in order to receive Honors recognition at graduation. Find this form in Honors Program Canvas page. See also: Graduation and Required Paperwork

Thesis Agreement Form: To be completed before beginning work on the thesis and submitted to Honors Liaison. Please also give a copy (on paper or digital) to the Honors Program office. See also: Honors Thesis

Petition for Change in Honors Policy: To request an exception to an academic rule or petition for a change to posted Honors requirements. This can be found in the Honors Program Canvas page.

Petition for Academic Variance: petitioning to add or remove an Honors Designation after the deadline.

Withdraw from the Honors Program: Use this form to be removed from the University Honors Program.