Honors Faculty

Melissa Aikens

Melissa Aikens

Assistant Professor of Biology

Email: melissa.aikens@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 412H Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology: The biology of organisms, including survey of kingdoms, behavior, evolution, and ecology. (Fall 2018) 




Picture of Sachiko Akiyama


Sachiko Akiyama

Assistant Professor of Art

Email: sachiko.akiyama@unh.edu

Honors Course: ARTS 532H Introductory Drawing



Alan Baker


Alan Baker

Associate Professor of Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Biology

Email: alan.baker@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 412H Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology: The biology of organisms, including survey of kingdoms, behavior, evolution, and ecology. (Fall 2018) 




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Wendy Beagen

Biological Sciences 

Email: WR.Beagen@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 412 Principles of Biology II: The biology of organisms, including survey of kingdoms, behavior, evolution, and ecology. (Fall 2018) 


Rosemarie Came



Rosemarie Came

Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

Email: rosemarie.came@unh.edu

Honors Course: ESCI 444A Philosophy of Earth Science



Picture of Rosemary Caron


Rosemary Caron

Professor of Health Management & Policy; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Email: rosemary.caron@unh.edu

Honors Course: HMP 440A Global Public Health Issues




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Bradley Castellanos

Email: bradley.castellanos@unh.edu

Honors Course: ARTS 532H: Introductory Drawing: This course is an introduction to the basic principles of studio drawing. Students work towards mastering the technical skills to produce drawings from observation, a working knowledge of the historical time line in drawing, and insight into the complexities of the creative process. (Fall 2018)




Xuanmao Chen

Xuanmao Chen

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Email: xuanmao.chen@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 411H Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular: Introduction to structure and function of cells, tissues and organs, physiological processes and genes and heredity. (Fall 2018)




Ileana Chirila

Ileana Chirila

Assistant Professor of French, Dijon Program Director 

Email: ileana.chirila@unh.edu

Honors Course: FREN 525H: A Road Trip Through France: Baguette, Brie, Bordeaux, and Beyond: What makes France, France, and how did it evolve from a mostly agricultural to a modern society? Using films, essays, newspaper articles, and television this course examines major social, political, and gastronomic trends, events, debates and personalities that help shed light on contemporary French culture. Taught in English. (Fall 2018)




Marion Dorsey


Marion Dorsey

Associate Professor of History; College Faculty Fellow

Email: marion.girard.dorsey@unh.edu

Honors Course: HIST 440B Medicine, Society, Science, and the Law: Who Makes Your Health Care Decisions?



Patricia Emison


Patricia Emison

Professor of Art History

Email: patricia.emison@unh.edu 

Honors Course: ARTS 444: Mona Lisa to Romeo & Juliette



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Kristen Fuda

MCBS Technical Specialist

Email: kristen.fuda@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 411 Introductory Biology Lab: Molecular and Cellular: Introduction to structure and function of cells, tissues and organs, physiological processes and genes and heredity. (Fall 2018) 




Picture of Piero Garofalo


Piero Garofalo

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Email: piero.garofalo@unh.edu

Honors Course: ITAL 525H Italian Cinema: Acquaints students with major Italian film texts. Through cinema the course explores the culture, society, history, and politics of Italy. Students examine filmmakers, genres, periods, and movements. The course is conducted in English. (Fall 2018) 




Kate Gaudet

Kate Gaudet

Associate Director of the University Honors Program

Email: kate.gaudet@unh.edu

Honors Courses:

  • HUMA 440A Hooked: Narratives of Addiction, Recovery, & Redemption: This course explores literature about addiction through both literary an psychological lenses. It focuses on the redemption narrative that structures the understanding of addiction for writers and readers alike. (Fall 2018) 
  • HUMA 444D Plague: A Literary History of Epidemics
  • HUMA 444E What is a Criminal?



Picture of Aria Halliday

Aria Halliday

Assistant Professor of Women's Studies

Email: aria.halliday@unh.edu

Honors Course: WS 444A Race Matters: Class examines race categories in the United States and how these historically changing categories shape our diverse realities across racial, ethnic, gendered, classed, and national identities. Students examine race as a category of difference and explore the multiple ways that individuals claim racial identities. Specific attention focuses on how diverse women have made history in their own lives and in the lives of others by resisting the interlocking systems of oppression. (Fall 2018) 



Patricia Jarema


Patricia Jarema

Lecturer of Biology

Email: pjarema@unh.edu

Honors Course: NR 435H Contemporary Conservation Issues and Environmental Awareness



Picture of James Krasner


James Krasner

Professor of English

Email: james.krasner@unh.edu

Honors Course: ENGL 401H First-Year Writing: Training to write more skillfully and to read with more appreciation and discernment. (Fall 2018)



John LaCourse

John LaCourse

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email: john.LaCourse@unh.edu

Honors Course: ECE 444 Bionics: Bionics is the study of living systems with the intention of applying their principles to the design of useful technology for mankind. Students learn strategies to discover bio-inspired technology. (Fall 2018) 



Michael Leese


Michael Leese

Assistant Professor of History

Email: michael.leese@unh.edu

Honors Course: HIST 440E Drugs and Addiction in World History



John McClain


John McClain

Lecturer in Mathematics

Email: john.mcclain@unh.edu

Honors Course: MATH 425H Calculus I: Calculus of one variable covering limits, derivatives of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions; applications include curve sketching, max-min problems, related rates, and volume and area problems. (Fall 2018) 



Picture of Jill McGaughy

Jill McGaughy

Associate Professor of Psychology

Email: j.mcgaughy@unh.edu

Honors Course: PSYC 440A Human Brain: First, we will examine the evolution of the brains of hominids to understand what are characteristics are uniquely human and what are conserved across species. We then explore selected topics in neuroscience that alter neural functioning, for example, the impact of neuro-prosthetics, cognitive enhancement, racial discrimination. Finally, we will discuss the benefit and limitations of using animal models to understand human neural functioning. (Fall 2018) 



Sheila McNamee


Sheila McNamee

Professor of Communication

Email: sheila.mcnamee@unh.edu

Honors Course: CMN 440A Communication, Identity, and Addiction: Exploration of how diverse ways of talking about addiction contribute to our understanding -- and ulitimate approach toward -- addictive behaviors. (Fall 2018) 





Subhash Minocha

Subhash Minocha

Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

Email: subhash.minocha@unh.edu

Honors Course: BIOL 444A Biotechnology & Society: The history and science of biotechnology and genetic engineering of bacteria, plants, and animals including humans. (Fall 2018) 




Picture of Sean Moore

Sean Moore

Associate Professor of English

Email: sean.moore@unh.edu

Honors Course: ENGL 444D Irish Identity: Explores the historical causes and literary effects of emigration from Ireland to other regions in the North and South Atlantic. Considers the political and economic conditions of Ireland itself and asks how Irish identities are first formed dialectically through contact with indigenous others and then nostalgically constituted through the experience of migration. (Fall 2018) 



Picture of Tobey Partch-Davies


Tobey Partch-Davies

Project Director, Institute on Disability

Email: tobey.partch-davies@unh.edu

Honors Course: HHS 444H The Right to be Disabled: Explores how society's view of disability, its "construction," is influenced by a variety of cultural variables and the implications of that construction on institutions such as medicine and health care, education, the arts, the legal system, architecture and engineering. (Fall 2018)  



Picture of Catherine Peebles


Director, University Honors Program

Email: catherine.peebles@unh.edu

Honors Course: HUMA 444E, What Is a Criminal?






Karsten Pohl


Karsten Pohl

Professor of Physics and Materials Science

Email: karsten.pohl@unh.edu

Honors Course: PHYS 407H General Physics I: Introductory course emphasizing motion, forces, energy, momentum, rotation, and oscillations. (Fall 2018) 



Janet Polasky


Janet Polasky

Presidential Professor of History

Email: janet.polasky@unh.edu

Honors Course: HIST 444J Global Citizenship





Picture of Rose Pruiksma


Rose Pruiksma

Lecturer in Music

Email: rose.pruiksma@unh.edu

Honors Course: MUSI 401H Introduction to Music: Fundamental approach to perceptive listening based on a detailed study of several masterpieces representing different periods and forms. Historical perspective, but main emphasis is on confronting significant works of musical art on their own terms. (Fall 2018) 



Jennifer Purrenhage

Jennifer Purrenhage

Lecturer of Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Email: jennifer.purrenhage@unh.edu

Honors Course: NR 435H Contemporary Conservation Issues & Environmental Awareness: Explores the impacts of technology and human activity on our environment and natural resources. Key conservation issues are used as examples of past and present biological, social, and environmental conflicts. (Fall 2018) 



David Richman

David Richman

Professor of Theatre and Dance; Core Faculty in Humanities

Email: david.richman@unh.edu

Honors Course: THDA 436: History of Theatre I: The history of theatre and its drama is introduced through close study of the world's greatest plays from the Greeks through the end of the 17th century -- How these plays were performed then, how they are performed now, their political, social, and cultural urgencies. (Fall 2018) 




Picture of Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson

Lecturer in Humanities

Email: paul.robertson@unh.edu

Honors Course: CLAS 520B Classical Society, Politics and Ethics: Happiness and  Ancient Views of the Good Life: How did the Greeks and Romans define happiness and was happiness considered an essential component of the "good life"? How do ancient concepts of the "good life" influence later views of human flourishing and how do specific historical circumstances alter utopian visions of a life well lived? This course traces the concept of the "good life" from ancient Greece to today and challenges students to create their own vision of a "good life". (Fall 2018) 



Picture of Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez

Associate Professor of History

Email: julia.rodriguez@unh.edu

Honors Course: HIST 440D Citizens and Persons: Definitions of citizenship have changed dramatically in the course of history. In this class, we will trace the evolution of expanding (and occasionally contracting) political and civil rights and responsibilities over time, with an emphasis on events in multicultural American nations and emphasizing how laws, social practices, unique historical contexts, and individuals' understanding of self and other have mutually produced each other. (Fall 2018) 



Aziz Saglam

Aziz Saglam

Lecturer in Economics

Email: aziz.saglam@unh.edu 

Honors Course: ECON 402 Principles of Economics (Micro): Theory of consumer demand and elasticity, supply and costs of production, theory of the firm under conditions of perfect and imperfect competition, demand for and allocation of economic resources, general equillibrium, and basic principles and institutions of international trade. (Fall 2018) 



Picture of Ruth Sample


Ruth Sample

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Email: ruth.sample@unh.edu

Honors Course: PHIL 440A Who Are You?: This course is part of an Honors Symposium on the nature of personhood and humanity. We will explore a number of philosophical questions related to personal identity over time, the social construction of the self, and the relationship between being a member of homo sapiens and being a person. (Fall 2018) 



Siobhan Senier


Siobhan Senier

Professor of English; Program Coordinator & Core Faculty in Women’s Studies

Email: siobhan.senier@unh.edu  

Honors Course: ENGL 401 First-Year Writing





Mariah Smith


Mariah Smith

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Email: mariah.smith@unh.edu

Honors Course: CLAS 444D Athens, Rome, and the Birth of the United States: This course examines ancient political systems and how they helped fashion our founder's notion of the ideal government and continue to do so. (Fall 2018) 




Subrena Smith


Subrena Smith

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Email: subrena.smith@unh.edu

Honors Course: PHIL 435H Human Nature and Evolution





Jeffrey Sohl

Jeffrey Sohl

Professor and Director of the Center for Venture Research

Email: jeff.sohl@unh.edu

Honors Course: DS 444 Meaning of Entrepreneur: This course explores the idea and ideals of entrepreneurship, the creating of value through individual initiative, creativity and innovation. (Fall 2018) 



Robert Stibler


Robert Stibler

Professor of Music

Email: robert.stibler@unh.edu

Honors Course: MUSI 402H: Honors/Survey of Music History





Picture of Timm Triplett


Timm Triplett

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Email: timm.triplett@unh.edu

Honors Course: PHIL 401H Introduction to Philosophy: This course gives a basic grounding in Philosophy. We explore enduring questions that we have all grappled with: Does God exist? Do we have free will? How can we lead fulfilling lives? No background in philosophy is needed, only an open and inquiring mind. (Fall 2018) 



Karen Van Gundy

Karen Van Gundy

Associate Professor of Sociology

Email: karen.vangundy@unh.edu

Honors Course: SOC 440A Addiction & Society: This course will introduce students to interdisciplinary topics in the study of drug addiction, drug panics, and the U.S. war on drugs. It will draw on scholarly and journalistic research to consider sociological theories, methods, and data gathering techniques in the study of addiction, and it will explore ways in which individuals create, interact with, and are shaped by social groups and institutions, including those associated with politics, health, economics, family, and the legal system. (Fall 2018) 



Sara Withers


Sara Withers

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology

Email: sara.withers@unh.edu

Honors Course: ANTH 440A.H01: Honors Medicine & Culture





Picture of Ann Zimo

Ann Zimo

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Email: ann.zimo@unh.edu

Honors Course: HUMA 444F Travelers in the Premodern World: Travel is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. This course explores the human experience of travel using materials originating from across premodern world. Students investigate materials ranging from maps and pilgrimage accounts, to poetry and stories to understand what has compelled people to undertake the often perilous road. (Fall 2018)