Honors Discovery Courses for Spring 2017

Honors Inquiry and Symposium Courses for Spring 2017

All Honors Program students are required to take an Honors Inquiry Seminar (444). Students entering in the fall of 2016 and beyond are also required to take an Honors Symposium course (440) .

THIS PAGE LISTS HONORS INQUIRY AND SYMPOSIUM COURSES ONLY.  For a full list of Honors Discovery courses, click here.

Symposium Courses

Reckoning with Race and Justice:

     English 440A H01  CRN: 55313  On Race in Culture and Society  (Ramadanovic) HUMA 

     History 440A H01  CRN: 56591  Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Struggle for Racial Justice (Sokol) HP 

     Theatre and Dance 440A H01  CRN: 55055  Theatre & Social Justice  (Richman) FPA

Being Human:

     Philosophy 440B  CRN: 57205  Humanism and Dehumanization (Witt) HUMA    

      History 440D H02  CRN: 56865  Citizens and Persons  (Rodriguez) HP 

     Philosophy 440A CRN: 57204  Who are you? Personal Identity and Humanity (Sample)  HUMA

     Psychology 440 CRN: 57221  Understanding the Human Brain (McGaughy) BS


Inquiry Courses

Biology 444B H01  CRN: 54384   Current Controversial Issues in Biology (Foxall) BS 

Classics 444D H01 CRN: 56750   Athens, Rome, and the Birth of the United States  (Kenty) HP 

Health and Human Services 444 H01  CRN: 55346   The Right to be Disabled in the Extreme

              Makeover Society  (Partch-Davies) SS 

Humanities 444D H01 CRN: 56780   Plague/Literary Histories of Epidemics (Gaudet) HUMA 

Humanities 444E H01 CRN: 57216 What Is a Criminal?(Peebles) HUMA

Sociology 444A H01  CRN: 56693   Society in the Arctic  (Hamilton) ETS 

Women’s Studies 444C H01 CRN: 56718   On the Roads to Equality (Ryan)  HP