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The first part of the University Honors Program requires students to take 16 credits of Honors Discovery coursework.  These are usually completed by the end of the Sophomore year, although some students find it convenient to take them later. All Honors Discovery courses can also fulfill the category requirements of the University's Discovery Program. Students then have the choice to complete Honors in Major, or Interdisciplinary Honors, to receive the University Honors designation (see these pages for more specifics.)

Forms of Honors Discovery Courses

Honors Inquiry Seminars: One Honors Inquiry Seminar is required to graduate with University Honors. These courses have the course number 444 and are sometimes referred to as 444 courses; only Honors versions of these courses count toward the requirement. They are small, intensively discussion-based courses designed to provide multiple perspectives on complex issues. They are capped at 20 students.

Honors Symposia: One Honors Symposium is required for students entering in or after Fall 2016 These are "supercourses" that consist of four separate sections that each address a theme from a different disciplinary perspective. The sections meet together regularly for group experiences. Each course section is capped at 20 students.

Honors sections: These are often Honors versions of classes that are also found in the general curriculum, such as First-Year Writing or Intro to Psychology. They usually enroll 24-30 students.

Honors labs/lectures/recitations: Some science courses offer one or more parts of the course as Honors. For example, a biology student may attend a general lecture but have a lab section that is restricted to Honors students.

Honors-designated courses: Only one Honors-designated course may be used toward the Honors Discovery requirement. Students may make an agreement with their professor to complete Honors-level work within a general course. This is a "wildcard" option that allows students to meet an Honors requirement with a course outside of the Discovery Honors curriculum.The course need not be part of the Discovery program. It may be any course that is offered in person on the normal semester schedule. Online courses and accelerated courses (such as summer and J-term courses) are not eligible for designation. 

Fall 2020: Use the form below, have it virtually signed, and email to the Registrar's Office at registrars.office@unh.edu

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